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The Vocab Master For All Competitive Exams | 30-11-2023

Swati Mahendras


1-COMPEL(VERB): To force or drive someone to do something; to bring about through
pressure or necessity.

Synonyms: Coerce, mandate, oblige

Antonyms: Allow, Enable, Sway, entice

Sentence: The teacher's enthusiasm for the subject compelled the students to engage in the

2-INDIGENOUS (adjective) : Native to a particular region, country, or environment; originating or produced in a specific place.

Synonyms: Inborn , Innate , Aboriginal

Antonyms: Exotic , Imposed, External

Sentence: Many plants and animals in the area are indigenous to the rainforest and
can't be found anywhere else.

3-CONVERGE (verb) : To come together from different directions or sources; to meet at a common point; to tend toward a common result or conclusion.

Synonyms: Concentrate , Collide , Coalesce

Antonyms: Scatter , Disperse , Divert

Sentence: Over the years, fashion trends tend to converge as designers draw inspiration from similar sources.

4-STRIVE (verb) : To make great efforts, work hard, or struggle toward a goal.

Synonyms: Labor , Push , Slog

Antonyms: Abandon , Surrender , Give up

Sentence : Individuals who strive for continuous improvement are more likely to succeed in their endeavors.

5-BOLSTER (verb) : a feeling of melancholy or yearning, often accompanied by a sense of longing or nostalgia for something that may not be attainable..

Synonyms: Reinforce , Strengthen , Sustain

Antonyms: Diminish , Deteriorate , Hinder

Sentence : He used statistics to bolster his argument during the debate.

6-ONEROUS (adjective) : Involving a burdensome or difficult task, requiring a lot of effort; causing hardship or difficulty.

Synonyms: Weighty, Arduous, Cumbersome

Antonyms: Undemanding, Facile, Breezy

Sentence: The extensive paperwork made the application process for the grant onerous for the nonprofit organization.

7-CAVEATS (noun) : A warning or cautionary note to prevent misunderstanding or to qualify a statement.

Synonyms: Warning, Admonition, Caution

Antonyms: Sanction, Recommendation, Support

Sentence: The investment advisor provided several caveats about the potential risks associated with the new venture.


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