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The Vocab Master For All Competitive Exams | 28-11-2023

Swati Mahendras


1-POPULIST (ADJECTIVE): Relating to or characteristic of a political approach or style that seeks to appeal to ordinary people.

Synonyms: Demagogue, people-oriented, grassroots.

Antonyms: Elitist, exclusive,establishment-friendly.

Sentence: The charismatic leader's populist rhetoric resonated with many voters, promising to address their concerns and challenges.

2-CROSSROADS(noun) : A point where two or more roads intersect, typically with a choice of different routes to take

Synonyms: Intersection, junction, turning point

Antonyms: Straight path, straightforward route, continuity.

Sentence: At the crossroads of his career, he faced a challenging decision about whether to pursue further education or enter the workforce immediately.

3-COALITION(NOUN): A temporary alliance or partnership formed by different groups, individuals or parties for a common purpose or goal, often in politics.

Synonyms: Alliance, union, partnership, federation, confederation.

Antonyms: Rivalry, opposition, discord, disunion.

Sentence: The two political parties formed a coalition to address the pressing economic
issues facing the country.

4-RADICAL(ADJECTIVE): Favoring or making thorough or complete changes in political, economic, or social institutions.

Synonyms: extremist, drastic, thorough, sweeping.

Antonyms: Conservative, moderate, gradual.

Sentence: The activist advocated for radical reforms in the education system to address inequality.

5-INFLUX(NOUN): The arrival or entry of a large number of people or things.

Synonyms: Inflow, arrival, incursion, incurrence, inundation.

Antonyms: Outflow, departure, exodus, egress.

Sentence: The city experienced a significant influx of tourists during the holiday season.

6-DUTCH(NOUN): The people of the Netherlands or their language.

Synonyms: Netherlander, Hollanders.

Antonyms: foreign.

Sentence: As a Dutch citizen, he took pride in the rich cultural heritage of the The Netherlands.

7-FASCIST(NOUN): A person who supports or advocates for fascism, which is a political system characterized by dictatorial power, strong centralized government, often led by a single leader and suppression of opposition.

Synonyms: Authoritarian, totalitarian, autocratic

Antonyms: Democrat, liberal, egalitarian.

Sentence: The rise of a charismatic leader with authoritarian tendencies raised concerns among the citizens, who feared the country might be heading toward a fascist regime.


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