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The Vocab Master For All Competitive Exams | 24-11-2023

Swati Mahendras


1-CLINCH (Verb) : To Settle or Finalize; To Secure Firmly; To Grasp or Hold Tightly;
To Confirm or Make Conclusive

Synonyms: Finalize, Conclude, Clutch

Antonyms: Unfasten, Undo, Loosen

Sentence: After hours of negotiation, they managed to clinch the deal.

2-MEDIATE (Verb): To intervene or settle differences between parties; To bring about a resolution or reconciliation.

Synonyms: Intervene, Intermediate, Intercede

Antonyms: Aggravate, Provoke, Exacerbate

Sentence: The diplomat was called in to mediate peace talks between the two warring nations.

3-Glimmer (Verb, Noun) : To shine with a weak light or a light that is not continuous; A faint or wavering light, typically a reflection

Synonyms: Sparkle, Twinkle, Gleam

Antonyms: Gloom, Dimness

Sentence : In the darkness of the forest, the fireflies provided a gentle glimmer of light.

4-VENGEFUL (Adjective): Having a strong desire for revenge; inclined to seek vengeance

Synonyms: Retaliatory, Vindictive, Retributive

Antonyms: Benevolent, Compassionate, Magnanimous

Sentence : His vengeful actions only perpetuated a cycle of animosity between the two families.

5-REPUGNANT (Adjective) : Extremely distasteful, offensive, or unacceptable, causing a feeling of strong dislike or aversion.

Synonyms: Abhorrent, Detestable, Loathsome

Antonyms: Pleasing, Acceptable, Delightful

Sentence : The idea of harming innocent animals for pleasure is repugnant to many people.

6-ALLEGE (Verb): To assert or declare without providing conclusive proof; to claim or
state something without necessarily proving it.

Synonyms: Assert, Claim, Affirm

Antonyms: Disavow, Disclaim

Sentence : The company was alleged to have engaged in unethical business practices.

7-PROPAGANDA (Noun): Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

Synonyms: Manipulation, Persuasion, Publicity

Antonyms: Unbiased information, Fair reporting

Sentence : The political party was accused Of spreading propaganda to influence voters.

8-SPIRALING (Adjective): used metaphorically to describe a situation that is rapidly escalating or getting out of control

Synonyms: Soaring, Mounting, Surging

Antonyms: Declining, Plummeting

Sentence : The controversy surrounding the decision is spiralling, with more people joining the debate.

9-COGNIZANCE (Noun): Knowledge or awareness of something

Synonyms: Understanding, Perception

Antonyms: ignorance, oblivion, unfamiliarity

Sentence:The police took cognizance of the complaint and started an investigation.

10-IMPUNITY (Noun): Exemption from punishment or consequences of an action (something that has been done that is wrong or illegal)

Synonyms: Immunity, exemption, amnesty

Antonyms: Accountability, liability, penalty

Sentence: Corrupt politicians and bureaucrats often act with impunity, knowing that they will not be held accountable for their actions.


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