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English Language Quiz For IBPS | RBI | SBI | NABARD | LIC | 19-11-2023

Swati Mahendras


Dear Readers,

Mahendras has started special quizzes for IBPS | RBI | SBI | NABARD | LIC so that you can practice more and more to crack the examination. This IBPS | RBI | SBI | NABARD | LIC Exam special quiz series will mould your preparations in the right direction, and the regular practice of these quizzes will be very helpful in scoring good marks in the Examination. Here we are providing you with the critical question of English Language for the IBPS | RBI | SBI | NABARD | LIC.

1-What is the correct spelling for the word meaning "extremely happy"?

a) Delited

b) Delighted

c) Delieted

d) Deleated

Answer: b

2-Which of the following is a synonym for "exquisite"?

a) Beautiful

b) Ugly

c) Dull

d) Common

Answer: a

3-Choose the correct sentence:

a) The car needs washed.

b) The car needs to be washed.

c) The car needs washing.

d) The car needs to wash.

Answer: b

4-What is the plural form of the word "child"?

a) Childs

b) Childes

c) Children

d) Child's

Answer: c

5-Identify the correct sentence:

a) Me and Sarah went to the store
b) Sarah and me went to the store.

c) Sarah and I went to the store.

d) Sarah and myself went to the store.

Answer: c

6-Choose the correct word to complete the sentence: "I _______ my keys at home."

a) Left

b) Leave

c) Have left

d) Will leave

Answer: a

7-Which of the following words is a preposition?

a) Walk

b) Jump

c) Over

d) Run

Answer: c

8-What is the opposite meaning of the word "generous"?

a) Stingy

b) Kind

c) Gracious

d) Thoughtful

Answer: a

9-Identify the correct form of the verb in the sentence: "She _____ to the party last night."

a) Gone

b) Went

c) Goed

d) Go

Answer: b

10-Choose the correct word to complete the sentence: "I enjoy _______ books in my free time."

a) Read

b) Reading

c) To read

d) Reads

Answer: b


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