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The Vocab Master For All Competitive Exams | 15-09-2023

Swati Mahendras


1-VITUPERATIONS: दुर्वचन : Noun: harsh, abusive, or vehement language or criticism

Synonyms: Invective, Censure

Antonyms: Admiration, Applause

Sentence: Her vituperations against her colleague during the meeting shocked everyone in the room.

2-BIVOUAC: बिना तंबुदों के अस्थायी रूप से डेरा डाले हुए: Noun: a temporary camp or shelter, typically for military troops or mountaineers, often without the use of tents or other permanent structures.

Synonyms: Shelter, Halt, Lodge

Antonyms: Residence, Evacuate

Sentence: The soldiers made a bivouac in the forest for the night during their training exercise.

The hikers chose to bivouac by the river and enjoy the natural surroundings.

3-AVERRED: सिद्ध करना: Verb: To assert or affirm something with confidence, to declare or state positively, or to express a belief or opinion firmly and confidently.

Synonyms: Asserted, Declared

Antonyms: Refuted, Negated

Sentence: Despite criticism, he averred his belief in the importance of preserving the environment.

4-IMPENETRABLE: अवेध्य : Adjective: Difficult to understand, fathom, or solve due to complexity or obscurity.

Synonyms: Impervious, Unassailable

Antonyms: Permeable, Transparent

Sentence: Despite their efforts, the investigators found the mystery surrounding the case to be almost

5-INFILTRATORS: घुसपैठिया  : Noun: individuals or groups who secretly enter a place, organization, or group with the intent of gaining information, causing disruption, or carrying out activities without detection or authorization.

Synonyms: Intruders, Saboteurs

Antonyms: Allies, Supporters

Sentence: The spy agency had a network of skilled infiltrators operating in foreign countries.

6-ROGUE : दुष्ट: Noun and Adjective: A dishonest, deceitful, or unprincipled person who engages in unlawful or morally objectionable behaviour.

Synonyms: Knave, Erratic

Antonyms: Reliable, Saint

Sentence: The rogue took advantage of people's trust and ran off with their money.
The rogue wave caught the sailors by surprise, causing their boat to capsize.

7-ERODE: नष्ट करना : Adjective: To diminish or weaken something, such as trust, confidence, or power, gradually over time.

Synonyms: Corrode, Undermine

Antonyms: Fortify, Enhance

Sentence: Continuous heavy rainfall can significantly erode the soil on hillsides, causing landslides.

8-AMBIT: परिधि : Noun: The area or surroundings of a place, typically in a geographical context.

Synonyms: Sphere, Extent

Antonyms: Boundary, Restraint

Sentence: The political leader's influence extended well beyond the ambit of their own constituency.


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