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The Vocab Master For All Competitive Exams | 14-09-2023

Swati Mahendras


1-RESCINDED: रद्द कर: Verb: To revoke, cancel, or annul a decision, order, or agreement.

Synonyms: repeal, withdraw

Antonyms: Enact, implement, establish

Sentence: The company rescinded its previous decision to lay off employees.

2-EX PARTE: Adverbial phrase: used in the context of legal motions, hearings, or orders.

Synonyms: One -sidedly

Antonyms: Mutually

Sentence: In a surprise move, the judge granted an ex parte injunction without hearing from the opposing counsel.

3-SCRAMBLE: संघर्ष : Verb: To move or climb quickly and with difficulty, often in a disorderly or hasty manner.

Synonyms: Scuttle, Clamber

Antonyms: Neaten, Systemize

Sentence: When the alarm sounded, the pilots had to scramble to their planes and take off immediately.

4-STIMULUS: प्रोत्साहन : Noun: Something that excites or arouses activity or energy in a person

Synonyms: Trigger, Impetus

Antonyms: Hindrance, Inhibition

Sentence: The government introduced a financial stimulus package to boost the economy during the recession.

5-TUMBLE: गिरना : Verb: To move or cause to move in a disorderly or chaotic way.

Synonyms: Plunge, Topple

Antonyms: Increase, Climb

Sentence: The stock market took a tumble after the economic report was released.

6-PROFUNDITY: गहराई: Noun: The quality or state of being profound or deep, especially in terms of intellectual depth, insight, or seriousness.

Synonyms: Wisdom, Erudition

Antonyms: Banality, Triviality

Sentence: The profundity of the ocean's depths has always fascinated marine biologists.

7-STAGGERING : चौंका देने वाला:Verb : to walk or move unsteadily

Adjective: difficult to believe or comprehend due to its enormity or impact.

Synonyms: Astounding, Incredible

Antonyms: Paltry, Mundane

Sentence: The company reported a staggering increase in profits this quarter, exceeding all expectations.

8-STIFF: अकड़न : Noun: a dead body, especially one prepared for burial.

Adjective: Difficult to bend or move.

Synonyms: Rigid, Stern

Antonyms: Lax , Supple

Sentence: The stiff board wouldn't bend, no matter how much pressure was applied.
The undertaker prepared the stiff for the funeral service.


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