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The Vocab Master For All Competitive Exams | 12-09-2023

Swati Mahendras


1-CLINCHES: कड़ी: Noun: the decisive or final moves, actions, or factors that secure a victory, success, or resolution of a situation. 

Synonyms: Confirms 

Antonyms: Fails, Misses

Sentence: His last-minute goal in the championship match clinches the victory for the team and secures their place in the finals.

2-COMPLICITY: सहापराध: Noun: the state of being involved in a wrongful act or illegal activity as an accomplice or partner.

Synonyms: Conspiracy , Connivance

Antonyms : Ignorance, Innocence

Sentence: The investigation revealed that several high-ranking officials were in complicity with the organized crime syndicate, leading to their arrests and subsequent trials.

3-MULLING: विचार करना : Verb: the act of deep and careful thought or consideration.

Synonyms: Ruminating , Meditating

Antonyms : Rushing , Neglecting

Sentence: After receiving the job offer, she spent the weekend mulling over whether to accept it, considering all the pros and cons carefully.

4-HOAX: छल : Noun: a deceptive or misleading act or scheme intended to trick, deceive, or fool people into believing something false or untrue.

Synonyms: Deception, fraud, trick

Antonyms: Truth, authenticity, sincerity

Sentence : Noun: The email claiming that you won a million dollars from a lottery you never entered turned out to be a hoax.

Verb: He attempted to hoax his friends by pretending to be a famous celebrity on social media.

5-BURNISH: Verbपालिश: to polish, shine, or make something smooth and shiny, typically by rubbing or buffing it.

Synonyms: Buff, Smooth

Antonyms: Corrode, Rust

Sentence: The marketing team worked hard to burnish the company's image in
the eyes of the public.

6-REPOSITORIES: Noun: खजाने: to store and organize a collection of items, such as data, documents, or objects, in a systematic manner.

Synonyms: Vaults, Collections

Antonyms: Ejectors, Dispensers

Sentence : Government archives are important repositories of historical records and official

7-SCION: Noun : वंशज: a descendant or heir, especially a young one who is expected to continue a
family's legacy, often in terms of wealth, status, or a particular tradition or business.

Synonyms: Inheritor, Progeny

Antonyms: Forbear, Ancestor

Sentence : She was the scion of a long line of artists and had a natural talent for painting.

8-SABOTAGE : Verb: तोड-फोड: to deliberately destroy, damage, or disrupt something, such as a plan, project, relationship, or process, often for malicious or self-serving reasons.

Synonyms: Subvert, Wreck

Antonyms: Assist, Foster

Sentence: She feared that revealing her secret plans would lead someone to try to sabotage her ambitions.


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