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Questions Of The Day : 19-09-2023

Swati Mahendras

Enhance your thinking ability and writing skills daily with us. Here, we are providing you a platform to attempt the descriptive paper. We will provide you with a question of the day daily, which will be based on the editorial discussed in the editorial times. You can post your answers in the comment section, and we will evaluate your answer. Also, you can post the topic that you want us to discuss under the case study. We will select a topic weekly from your comments. You can write your answer either in English or in Hindi, and you can also write your answer in pen and paper mode and can later upload your answer in image form.


1-Fly into a passion

1. To become aggressive often

2. To become angry suddenly

3. To be always angry

4. To be aggressive at times

Solution: Option 2

2-A skeleton in the cupboard

1. A popular fact to be kept secret

2. A popular fact that is not hidden

3. An embarrassing fact not to be kept secret

4. An embarrassing fact to be kept secret

Solution: Option 4


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