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Current Affairs : Questions Of The Day : 18-09-2023

Swati Mahendras



The time for banking exams has finally arrived! To land their dream position in the banking industry, thousands of banking applicants are presently studying for the upcoming banking tests. To improve your overall grade if you're taking the forthcoming government exams, make sure you prepare well for the current affairs section.The current affairs component is a crucial section, and it contains numerous sets of questions in a variety of government exams like the Banking, SSC, and Railway Exams, among others. We'll give you the pertinent March 2023 Current Affairs in this article, which will aid students in their exam preparation.

1-Who will inaugurate the Ayushman Bhav campaign on September 13, 2023?

13 सितम्बर 2023 को आयुष्मान भव अभियान का उद्घाटन कौन करेगा?

a) Prime Minister Narendra Modi

b) President Droupadi Murmu

c) Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan

d) Chief Minister of a state in India

Answer: B

2-What is the core objective of the Ayushman Bhav campaign?

आयुष्मान भव अभियान का मूल उद्देश्य क्या है?

a) To provide free education to all children

b) To extend comprehensive healthcare coverage to every village and town

c) To promote tourism in rural areas

d) To enhance agricultural productivity

Answer: B

3-What was the retail inflation rate based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in August 2023?

अगस्त 2023 में उपभोक्ता मूल्य सूचकांक (CPI) पर आधारित खुदरा मुद्रास्फीति दर क्या थी?

a) 6.83%

b) 7.44%

c) 4.81%

d) 4.25%

Answer: A

4-Who publishes the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) in India?

भारत में थोक मूल्य सूचकांक (WPI) कौन प्रकाशित करता है?

a) Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation

b) National Statistics Office

c) Office of Economic Advisor (Ministry of Commerce & Industry)

d) Reserve Bank of India

Answer: C

5-Who has been appointed as the Chairman of the Association of Investment Bankers of India (AIBI) for a two-year term starting September 2023?

सितंबर 2023 से शुरू होने वाले दो साल के कार्यकाल के लिए एसोसिएशन ऑफ इन्वेस्टमेंट बैंकर्स ऑफ इंडिया (AIBI) के अध्यक्ष के रूप में किसे नियुक्त किया गया है?

a) Arjun Mehra

b) Prem D’Cunha

c) Mahavir Lunawat

d) Manil Lunawat

Answer: C


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