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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 14-06-2023

Swati Mahendras


1. Conservatism (Noun) : रूढ़िवाद : commitment to traditional values and ideas with opposition to change or innovation

Synonyms: Traditionalism, right-wing, orthodoxy, traditional conservatism

Antonyms: Liberalism, progressivism, radicalism

Example Sentence:  His views on social issues reflect his deep conservatism and resistance to change.

2. Disconcert (Verb):चिंताजनक : disturb the composure of; unsettle

Synonyms: confuse, fluster, rattle, unsettle, discomfit, disturb

Antonyms: relieve, soothe, comfort, calm

Example Sentence: John would disconcert his parents by not coming home after school.

3. Addled (Adjective): व्याकुल : unable to think clearly; confused

Synonyms: dazed, bewildered, confused

Antonyms: conscious, clearheaded

Example Sentence: Because my grandmother is in her mid-nineties, she is a bit addled at times and requires the aid of a personal caregiver.

4. Catharsis(Noun): विरेचन : the process of releasing strong emotions through a particular activity or experience, such as writing or theatre, in a way that helps you to understand those emotions

Synonyms: Emotional release, purgation

Antonyms: Suppression, inhibition, repression

Example Sentence: Crying is a great catharsis for releasing pain and anger.

5. Folly (Noun): मूर्खता : lack of good sense; foolishness

Synonyms: insanity, idiocy, absurdity, stupidity, madness

Antonyms: wisdom, prudence, discretion, sagacity

Example Sentence: It was sheer folly to invest all his money in a risky business venture
without proper research and planning.

6. Jocund (Adjective): प्रफुल्ल : cheerful and lighthearted, in a happy mood

Synonyms: merry, jolly, festive, cheerful, mirthful, jovial, jocose

Antonyms: melancholy, sorrowful, sad, unhappy, glum, forlorn

Example Sentence: As soon as I walked towards the front door of the luxury hotel, a jocund doorman greeted me with a smile.

7. Tamp down (Phrasal Verb) : to reduce the amount, level, size, or importance of something

Synonyms: press, compress

Example Sentence:The party retained power by boosting the economy and tamping
down corruption.

8. Dilation (Noun): फैलाव : the action or condition of becoming or being made wider, larger, or more open

Synonyms: increase, expand, swell, enlarge, accelerate

Antonyms: contraction, decrease, lessening, shrinkage, reduction, compression, shortening

Example Sentence: The doctor will repair the narrowed vessels by inserting a tube to dilate them.

9. A safe pair of hands (Idiom) : Someone who is reliable, competent, and capable of handling a task or responsibility.

Synonyms: Dependable, trustworthy, competent, reliable

Antonym: Incompetent, unreliable, careless

Example Sentence:Sarah is known for being a safe pair of hands when it comes to managing projects.

10. Come off with flying colors (Idiom) : To succeed or perform exceptionally well, often exceeding expectations.

Synonyms: Excel, shine, succeed, triumph

Antonym: Fail, underperform, struggle

Example Sentence: Despite facing tough competition, John came off with flying colors in the exam, securing the highest marks in the class.


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