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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 20-05-2023

Swati Mahendras

1. Gloss(Noun) : चमक, प्रकाश : a smooth and shiny appearance or finish; a brief explanation or interpretation of a text or word

Synonyms: sheen, luster, shine, gleam

Antonyms: dullness, matte

Example Sentence:1.)The car's paint had a beautiful gloss to it.

2.) The professor provided a gloss of the complex philosophical concept for the

2. Crippled (Adjective) : अपंग, विकलांग : physically disabled, impaired, having a severe disability or injury

Synonyms: disabled, handicapped, impaired

Antonyms: able-bodied, healthy

Example Sentence:The organization provides support and resources for the families of
crippled veterans.

3. Slugfest (Noun) : मुकाबला : a fierce or intense fight or contest, typically involving physical confrontation

Synonyms: brawl, skirmish, scuffle,

Antonyms: peace, harmony, agreement

Example Sentence: The two boxers engaged in a brutal slugfest, exchanging powerful
punches throughout the match.

4. Skullduggery (Adjective): धोखाधड़ी, छलका : Dishonest or underhanded behavior, trickery, deceit

Synonyms: deception, fraud, trickery

Antonyms: honesty, integrity,transparency
Example Sentence:  The politician was known for his skullduggery and manipulation to gain

5. Visceral (Adjective): अन्तःस्थ: Relating to deep inward feelings rather than intellect

Synonyms: instinctive, emotional, gut, intuitive

Antonyms: rational, intellectual, logical, calculated

Example Sentence:  He had a visceral understanding of the situation, relying on his intuition rather than logical reasoning.

6. Predicament (Noun) : कठिन परिस्थिति : a difficult, unpleasant, or embarrassing situation

Synonyms: difficult situation, awkward situation, problematic situation, dilemma, pickle

Example Sentence:  If you had told the truth in the first place, we wouldn’t be in this predicament.

7. Mammoth (Adjective): विशाल : Extremely large, massive, gigantic

Synonyms: enormous, colossal, massive, huge, giant

Antonyms: tiny, small, miniature, minuscule

Example Sentence:  The company invested a mammoth amount of money in expanding its operations.

8. Paucity (Noun): अभाव : scarcity or a lack of something

Synonyms: shortage, dearth, insufficiency, inadequacy

Antonyms: abundance, surplus,plenty
Example Sentence: The paucity of resources made completing the project on time difficult.

9. Trafficking (Verb) : तस्करी : The illegal or unethical trade ofgoods, especially drugs,  weapons, or humans.

Synonyms: peddling, bootlegging, smuggling

Antonyms: Legitimate trade, legal commerce

Example Sentence: The government has taken strict measures to prevent human trafficking and protect the vulnerable from exploitation.

10. Substandard (Adjective) : अप्रधान, घटिया : Below the acceptable standard, inferior, poor quality

Synonyms: inferior, below par, lowgrade, second-rate

Antonyms: superior, excellent, highquality, top-notch

Example Sentence: The construction of the building was halted due to the use of
substandard materials.


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