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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 26-05-2023

Swati Mahendras

1. Rhetoric (Noun) : वाग्मिता : The art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques.

Synonyms: oratory, eloquence, persuasion, discourse, articulation

Antonyms: silence, inarticulateness, conciseness

Example Sentence: He employed persuasive rhetoric to convince the audience of her
point of view.

2. Guardrail (Noun): रेलिंग : A strong metal or wooden bar along the side of a road or walkway, intended to prevent people or vehicles from falling off.

Synonyms: safety barrier, railing, handrail, fence

Example Sentence: The construction crew installed a new guardrail along the bridge for added safety.

3. Devout (Adjective): धार्मिक : having or showing deep religious feeling or commitment.

Synonyms: religious, reverent, holy

Antonyms: faithless, godless, impious

Example Sentence:Louis became an extremely devout and ascetic man.

4. Macabre (Adjective) : भयंकर : disturbing and horrifying because of involvement with or depiction of death and injury.

Synonyms: gruesome, grisly, ghastly

Antonyms: delightful, pleasant, appealing

Example Sentence: Even the police were horrified at the macabre nature of the

5. Oblivion (Noun): विस्मरण : the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening.

Synonyms: unconsciousness, insensibility, stupor

Antonyms: consciousness, recollection, awareness

Example Sentence:  The old photographs brought back memories that had long been buried in the depths of oblivion.

6. Prolix (Adjective): अति विस्‍तृत : (of speech or writing) using or containing too many words; tediously lengthy.

Synonyms: lengthy, long-winded, verbose

Antonyms: concise, compact, brief

Example Sentence: The author’s prolix style has done nothing to encourage sales of the book.

7. Dossier (Noun): फ़ाइल : a collection of documents about a particular person, event, or subject.

Synonyms: file, report, data

Example Sentence: As the agent looked through the dossier for the case, she was surprised at how little information there was.

8. Consternation (Noun): चिंता : feelings of anxiety or dismay, typically at something unexpected.

Synonyms: dismay, perturbation, anxiety

Antonyms: comfort, consolation, relief

Example Sentence: The government's plans have caused considerable consternation among
many Americans.

9. Disingenuous (Adjective) : कपटी : dishonest, or not speaking the complete truth

Synonyms: dishonest, deceitful, underhand

Antonyms: honest, sincere, genuine

Example Sentence: While Catherine pretended to be trustworthy, she was in reality a disingenuous woman who would do whatever it took to get her way.

10. Peregrination (Noun): सफर : a long journey in which you travel to various different places, especially on foot

Synonyms: travel, voyages, journey

Example Sentence: Because Peter wanted to explore the world, he chose a life of peregrination and never slept in one city for longer than three days.


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