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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 25-05-2023

Swati Mahendras

1. Scion (Noun) : वंशज: a descendant of a notable family

Synonyms: descendant, successor, heir

Example Sentence:  He's the scion of a very wealthy newspaper-publishing family.

2. Ire (Noun) : गुस्सा : anger

Synonyms: indignation, wrath, outrage, fury, rage

Antonyms: Pleasure, calmness, delight, happiness

Example Sentence: Their ire was directed mainly at the government.

3. Aggrieve (Adj.) : व्यथित: feeling resentment at having been unfairly treated

Synonyms: agitate, discompose, disquiet, disturb, perturb

Antonyms: satisfy, please, gratify

Example Sentence:  She felt aggrieved at not being chosen for the team.

4. Underbelly (Noun) : कमजोर स्थान : an area vulnerable to attack; a hidden unpleasant or criminal part of society

Synonyms: vulnerable spot, weak poin, Achilles' heel

Antonyms: stronghold, fortified area

Example Sentence:Poverty and inequality are the underbelly of our society.

5. Vet (Verb): सत्यापित करना, जांचना : make a careful and critical examination of (something)

Synonyms: examine, check, evaluate, assess

Example Sentence: The company will vet all job applicants before making a hiring decision.

6. Misdemeanours (Noun) : छोटा गलत काम : an action that is slightly bad or breaks a rule but is not a crime

Synonyms: violation, misconduct, minor offense

Antonyms: innocence, obedience, goodness, morality

Example Sentence: He is charged with several misdemeanors, including driving without a
valid license and creating a disturbance.

7. Pluralism (Noun): बहुतांत्रिकता: the existence of different types of people, who have different beliefs and opinions, within the same society

Synonyms: diversity, heterogeneity, multiplicity, variety

Antonyms: uniformity, similarity, consistency, sameness

Example Sentence: We know it's not easy to maintain pluralism.

8. Prudence (Noun) : सावधानी: behavior that is careful and avoids risks

Synonyms: caution, circumspection, care

Antonyms: recklessness, brashness, carelessness

Example Sentence:The captain said we ought to shorten sail anyway, out of common

9. Flounder (Verb) : लड़खड़ाना: To struggle or make clumsy movements, especially in water or while walking.

Synonyms: struggle, stumble, limp, lurch

Example Sentence: The speaker started to flounder during the presentation, forgetting their key points and stumbling over their words.

10. Gyrations (Noun) : चक्कर: the act of turning around and around on a fixed point

Synonyms: revolution, rotations, spin, whirl

Example Sentence: The dancer's graceful gyrations on stage captivated the audience.


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