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SSC CGL Quiz : English Language | 24-05-2023

Swati Mahendras

Dear Readers,

As SSC  CGL  notification is out and candidates have started their preparation for this exam. Mahendras also has started special quizzes for this examination. This series of quizzes are based on the latest pattern of the  SSC  CGL examination. Regular practice of the questions included in the quizzes will boost up your preparations and it will be very helpful in scoring good marks in the examination.

1-Which of the following is an example of a compound sentence?

a) The cat sat on the mat.

b) She went to the store and bought some groceries.

c) He plays the piano beautifully.

d) The book is on the table.

2-Choose the word that best completes the sentence: "I need to ______ my passport before traveling."

a) renew

b) revolve

c) review

d) retrieve

3-Identify the sentence with correct punctuation:

a) The party was amazing they had music food and games.

b) The party was amazing; they had music, food, and games.

c) The party was amazing they had music, food, and games.

d) The party was amazing; they had music food and games.

4-What is the antonym of the word "vivid"?

a) Dull

b) Lively

c) Bright

d) Colorful

5-Choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentence: "He _____ football every weekend."

a) plays

b) play

c) played

d) playing

6-What is the meaning of the word "benevolent"?

a) Evil

b) Kind

c) Cruel

d) Rude

7-Choose the word that is closest in meaning to "frustrated":

a) Satisfied

b) Annoyed

c) Excited

d) Delighted

8-Identify the correctly spelled word:

a) Rhythm

b) Rythm

c) Rhythym

d) Rhythem

9-What is the comparative form of the adjective "beautiful"?

a) More beautiful

b) Beautifuler

c) Beautifully

d) Beautifuller

10-Choose the sentence that contains a dangling modifier:

a) Walking through the park, the trees were beautiful.

b) After studying all night, the test was aced.

c) Having finished my work, the day felt productive.

d) Running down the street, the dog chased its tail.













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