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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 02-03-2023

Swati Mahendras

1. Ordeal (Noun) : कटुअनुभव: a very unpleasant and painful or difficult experience

Synonyms: hardship, trouble, torment, suffering, agony

Antonyms: delight, pleasure, comfort, elation

Example Sentence: Even the experienced wedding planner found it quite an ordeal to plan and execute a ceremony in twentyfour hours.

2. Polarisation (Noun) : ध्रुवीकरण: division into two sharply contrasting groups or sets of opinions or beliefs

Synonyms: separation, split, division, divergence

Antonyms: union, sameness, accord, convergence

Example Sentence: Polarization between the husband and wife’s financial spending was caused by differences in opinion on saving.

3. Foment (Verb): भड़काना : instigate or stir up (an undesirable or violent sentiment or course of action)

Synonyms: provoke, incite, trigger

Antonyms: calm, cease, depress, constrain

Example Sentence:Despite popular beliefs, the police are here to keep people calm, not to foment violence.

4. Garner (Verb): एकत्र करना : to collect something, usually after much work or with difficulty

Synonyms: collect, gather, amass, assemble, accumulate

Antonyms: disperse, scatter, dissipate

Example Sentence: Sadly, Jim Waters could not garner enough votes to carry the election.

5. Brazen (Adjective): बेशर्म : bold and without shame

Synonyms: impudent, bold, audacious

Antonyms: timid, meek, shy, humble

Example Sentence: In a brazen assault, the gang fired their weapons at the policeman

6. Insurgency (Noun) : विद्रोह, उग्रवाद: an active revolt or uprising

Synonyms: uprising, revolt, rebellion, mutiny

Antonyms: counterinsurgency, counterrevolution

Example Sentence: Despite the enormity of the war's casualties, the Iraqi insurgency continues to grow stronger with every passing day.

7. Indiscreet (Adjective) : अविवेकी: not careful or polite in what you say or do

Synonyms: unwise, imprudent

Antonyms: discreet, decorous

Example Sentence: Don't tell her any secrets; she's so indiscreet.

8. Conspicuous (Adjective) : विशिष्ट: clearly visible; attracting notice or attention

Synonyms: obvious, clear, plain, evident

Antonyms: invisible, unnoticeable, hidden

Example Sentence: The bank robber made the mistake of trying to escape in a conspicuous orange car.

9. Euphemism (Noun): प्रियोक्ति : a word or phrase used to avoid saying an unpleasant or offensive word

Synonyms: metaphor, phrase, term, idiom, colloquialism

Antonyms: directness, straightforwardness, terseness

Example Sentence:1. "Senior citizen" is a euphemism for "old person“.

2. The article used euphemisms so much that its meaning was often unclear.

10Stringent (Adjective): कठोर: strict, precise, and exacting (of regulations, requirements, or conditions)

Synonyms: strict, rigorous, rigid

Antonyms: lenient, flexible

Example Sentence:The quantity of exports has declined since the early 80s due to the stringent procedures by the government.


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