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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 11-03-2023

Swati Mahendras

1. Dias : मंच: A raised platform (as in a hall or large room)

Synonyms: Podium , Stand

Example Sentence:  The very pleasant Dias family who own the hotel will make great efforts to help you with any activities in Goa.

2. Exchequer(Noun): राजकोष: The government department that controls public money in Britain and some countries

Synonyms: Treasury , Fund

Example Sentence:  They raise a lot of money for the exchequer while being far less politically charged.

3. Contravene(Verb): उल्लंघन करना : To break a law or a rule

Synonyms: Breach , Violate ,Infringe

Example Sentence: Some portions of the bill may contravene state law.

4. Flee(Verb) : भाग‍ जाना : To run away or escape from something

Synonyms: Depart , Leave

Antonyms : Stay , Dawdle

Example Sentence:  He was accused of trying to flee the scene of the accident.

5. Latched(Verb): सिटकिनी से बन्द करना : Fasten (a door or gate) with a latch.

Synonyms: Secure , Tied

Antonyms: Disconnected , Divided

Example Sentence:  Her fingers found the door latch.

6. Deterrent(Noun): निवारक: Somethingthat should stop you doing something

Synonyms: Hindrance , Obstacle , Bridle

Antonyms: Encouragement

Example Sentence: They executed him, as a deterrent to any other young soldiers thinking of trying to desert from the army.

7. Xenophobic(Adjective): विदेशी-भीति या द्वेष से संबंधित : Fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign.

Synonyms: Animosity , Chauvinism

Antonyms : Tolerant

Example Sentence:  The attacks have been described by police as racist and xenophobic.

8. Salience(Noun) : प्रमुखता: Importance

Synonyms: Pertinent , Notable , Relevant

Antonyms: Unimportant , Insignificant

Example Sentence:  The salience of these facts was questioned by several speakers.

9. Introspect(Verb): आत्‍म-निरीक्षण करना : Examine one's own thoughts or feelings.

Synonyms: Contemplation , Self-Examination , Introvert

Antonyms: Extrovert

Example Sentence:  The feeling of introspect was something to get rid of according to his novel way of thinking.

10-Elapsed(Verb) : व्‍यतीत होना : Pass, go by

Synonyms: Ended , Finished

Antonyms : Alive , Exixting

Example Sentence : Thirty minutes elapsed before the performance began.


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