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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 19-11-2022

Swati Mahendras

1-Shattered(Adjective) : परेशान: Extremely upset

Synonyms: Exhausted , Crippled

Antonyms: Unbroken

Example Sentence: The force of the explosion shattered the windows.

 2-Strongholds(Noun) : किला : A well-fortified place; fortress.

Synonyms: Garrison , Tower

Antonyms: Movable

Example Sentence:The area is a Republican stronghold

 3-Wrest(Verb):  मुश्किल से प्राप्त करना : Get something with effort or difficulty

Synonyms: Snatch , Grab

Antonyms: give

Example Sentence: The men had returned to wrest back power. 

 4-Impeached(Verb):  दोषी ठहराना : Formally accuse public official of serious crime.

Synonyms: Accuse , Indict

Antonyms: Praise , Flatter

Example Sentence: Each of the chambers has the right to impeach the ministers.

 5-Glorious(Adjective) : यशस्वी : Having or deserving fame or success

Synonyms: Renowned , Eminent

Antonyms: Gloomy , Inferior

Example Sentence: She thought it was a grand and glorious country.

6-Immigrants(Noun): परदेशी: A person living in a country other than that of his or her birth.

Synonyms: Settler , Foreigner

Antonyms: Native , Local

Example Sentence: My grandparents arrived here as immigrants from Russia in 1910.

7-Bleak(Adjective): निराशापूर्ण : Bad; not encouraging or hopeful

Synonyms: Desolate , Harsh

Antonyms: Happy , Friendly

Example Sentence:  It was a bleak, unpleasant day in December.

8-Probe(Verb) : जांच: To search into or examine something

Synonyms: Scrutiny , Analysis

Antonyms: Gentle , Kind

Example Sentence:   Investigators are probing into new evidence in the case.

9-Knack(Noun) : कुशलता: Skilful way of doing something successfully

Synonyms: Talent , Capability

Antonyms: Inability , Ineptness

Example Sentence:  Knitting isn’t difficult once you’ve got the knack of it.Knitting isn’t difficult once you’ve got the knack of it.

10-DEPORT (VERB): (निकाल देना): Expel

 Synonyms: banish, exile

 Antonyms: admit

 Example Sentence:He was deported for violation of immigration laws.

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