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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 03-11-2022

Swati Mahendras

1-Leftist(Noun): वामपक्षी : A person with left-wing political views

Synonyms: Reformist , Liberal

Antonyms: Conservative , Right

Example Sentence: Two of the men were leftists and two were centrists.

2-Pollsters(Noun) : मतदान सर्वेक्षक : Someone who conducts surveys of public opinion

Synonyms: Canvasser , Headcounter

Antonyms: Respondents , Interviewees

Example Sentence: During the election I was called by a pollster who asked what local issue most concerned me.

3-Anchored(Verb) : आसरा: To keep hold or be firmly fixed

Synonyms: Berth , Harbour

Antonyms: Broken , Untrustworthy

Example Sentence: The financial controller is also anchored in the Treaty.

4-Brutal(Adjective) : क्रूर : Very cruel

Synonyms: Harsh , Barbaric

Antonyms: Gentle , Humane

Example Sentence:I had a brutal headache this morning.

5-Annulled(Verb): रद्द: Legally invalid or void

Synonyms: Nullify , Reverse

Antonyms: Restore , Enact

Example Sentence:They were reconciled but the marriage was annulled within a year.

6-Aristocracy (Noun) : उच्‍चवर्गीय समाज : Government by the best individuals

Synonyms: Nobility , Gentility

Antonyms: Commoners , Indecorous

Example Sentence: Before the French Revolution, the aristocracy lived a lavish lifestyle while the lower classes struggled to survive.

7-Inherit(Verb) : उत्तराधिकार में प्राप्त करना : Property receive from an ancestor as a right or title

Synonyms: Takeover , Bequeathed

Antonyms: Fail , Forfeit

Example Sentence: Baldness is inherited from the mother's side of the family.

8. BOURGEOIS (ADJECTIVE): commonplace :(मध्यमवर्गीय)

Synonyms: materialistic, philistine

Antonyms: adventurous, imaginative

Example Sentence: He is from a bourgeois family.

9. ABOMINABLE (ADJECTIVE): (घृणास्पद):loathsome :

Synonyms: abhorrent, atrocious

Antonyms: desirous, pleasing

Example Sentence:It was such an abominable sight.

10. ADJOURN (VERB) :(टालना): stop a proceeding

Synonyms: delay, postpone

Antonyms: carry out, continue

Example Sentence:The sentence was adjourned for a social inquiry report.


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