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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 13-10-2022

Swati Mahendras

1-Etched(adjective):नक़्क़ाशी करना : To draw or write by cutting or scraping

Synonyms: Inscribe , Carve

Antonyms: Uncut , Simple

Example Sentence:His grief was etched into every line of his face.

2-Shrouded(Verb): छिपाना : To cover or hide something

Synonyms: Swathe ,Wrap

Antonyms: Disclose , Expose

Example Sentence: The mountains were shrouded in fog.

3-Podium(Noun): मंच : A small platform for a speaker, a performer, etc. to stand on

Synonyms: Pulpit , Stage

Example Sentence: She was introduced and stepped up to the podium.

4-Circumspect(Adjective) : सावधान : Careful not to take risks

Synonyms: Alert , Cautious

Antonyms: Neglectful , Imprudent

Example Sentence: Officials were circumspect about what the talks had achieved.

5-Whetted(Verb) : उत्तेजित करना: Excite or stimulate

Synonyms: Sharpen , Strop

Antonyms: Obtuse , Dull

Example Sentence: My curiosity may be whetted, if not satisfied.

6-Pulsating(Verb): फड़कना :To move or shake with strong regular movements

Synonyms: Beat , Throb

Antonyms: Motionless , Linger

Example Sentence: People danced to the pulsating sounds of hip-hop.

7-Squib(Noun) : पटाखा : A small firecracker , A funny writing

Synonyms: Bonfire , Lampoon

Example Sentence:They promised us fireworks, but have produced a damp squib.

8-Brazening(Verb) : निर्लज: Unrestrained by a sense of shame; rudely bold.

Synonyms: Audacious , Blatant

Antonyms: Humble , Modest

Example Sentence:There were instances of brazen cheating in the exams.

9-Subservience(Noun) : उपयोगिता : A willingness to do what other people want

Synonyms: Amiability , Conformity

Antonyms: Enmity , Hostility

Example Sentence: Politeness is a sign of dignity, not subservience.

10-Shaky (Adjective) :अस्थिर : Not firm; weak or not very good

Synonyms: Tremulous , Quivery

Antonyms: Steady , Certain

Example Sentence:: Her commitment to the cause seems shaky.


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