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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 01-10-2022

Swati Mahendras

1. TRAUMATIC (ADJECTIVE) (दर्दनाक): disturbing

Synonyms: shocking, distressing

Antonyms: soothing

Example Sentence:

She was going through a traumatic divorce.

 2. INDISPENSABLE (ADJECTIVE): (अपरिहार्य): essential

Synonyms: crucial necessary

Antonyms: dispensable

Example Sentence:

He made himself indispensable to the parish priest.

 3. OBNOXIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (अप्रिय): unpleasant

Synonyms: disagreeable, nasty

Antonyms: delightful

Example Sentence:

They overthrew the chancellor who was very obnoxious to them.


4. ANNIHILATE (VERB): (मिटा देना): destroy

Synonyms: wipe out, obliterate

Antonyms: create

Example Sentence:

A simple bomb could also annihilate a lot of things.


5. CONFER (VERB): (प्रदान करना): bestow on

Synonyms: present with/to, grant to

Antonyms: withhold

Example Sentence:

The Minister may have exceeded the powers conferred on him by Parliament.


6. CRYPTIC (ADJECTIVE): (रहस्यपूर्ण): enigmatic

Synonyms: mysterious, confusing

Antonyms: straightforward

Example Sentence:

He found his boss's utterances too cryptic.

 7. DEEM (VERB): (मानना): consider

Synonyms: judge, adjudge

Antonyms: mis-judge

Example Sentence:

The event was deemed a great success.


8. UNBRIDLED (ADJECTIVE): (निरंकुश): unrestrained

Synonyms: unconstrained, uncontrolled

Antonyms: restrained

Example Sentence:

He had a moment of unbridled ambition.


9. HUMILIATE (VERB): (अपमानित करना): embarrass

Synonyms: mortify, humble

Antonyms: aggrandize

Example Sentence:

You'll humiliate me in front of the whole school!

10. INVIGORATE (VERB): (पुन: जीवित करना): revitalize

Synonyms: energize, refresh

Antonyms: tire

Example Sentence:

The shower had invigorated her.

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