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English Language Quiz For IBPS | RBI | SBI | NABARD | 01-10-2022

Swati Mahendras


Dear Readers,

Mahendras has started special quizzes for  IBPS  | RBI  | SBI  | NABARD   so that you can practice more and more to crack the examination. This  IBPS  | RBI  | SBI  | NABARD    Exam special quiz series will mold your preparations in the right direction and the regular practice of these quizzes will be really very helpful in scoring good marks in the Examination. Here we are providing you the important question of English Language for the  IBPS  | RBI  | SBI  | NABARD  .

Q 1-5. Read each part of the sentence to find out if there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, mark your answer as (5).

1.The memories of the Mumbai (A.)/ serial blasts are recalled (B.) / when the judges pronounced (C.)/ punishment to the accused. (D.)/ No error (E.)

01. a

02. b

03. c

04. d

05. e

2.You were enough smart (A)/ to give a strong reply to (B)/ her question but you (C)/ didn't speak a single word. (D)/ No error (E)

01. a

02. b

03. d

04. d

05. e

3. a) Farmers bear three-fourth of / (b) the production cost while the balance one-fourth / (c) is paid by the government as subsidy / (d) directly to the fertilizer markers. / (e) No error

01. a

02. b

03. c

04. d

05. e

5.a) The governments keenness to keep inflation beyond check / (b) to provide room for the RBI to cut interest rates further / (c) may restrain it from providing any big relief / (d) to farmers by way of higher MSPs. / (e) No error

01. A

02. b

03. c

04. d

05. e

4. Find the error in one of the following fragments/parts.

A. The rock paintings in Karikiyoor contains

B. analogous-Indus script, meaning they resemble

C. the script found in Indus

D. Civilization sites of northern India

E. No Error


6. The villagers informed the state forest department, but by the time officials reached there nearly six trees had already been cut.

01. Near six trees already have

02. Nearly six trees already has

03. Near six trees have had already

04. Nearly six already trees had

05. No correction

7. Biodegradable waste is collected daily and dispose off by either composting or feeding to cattle.

01. Collected daily and disposed off

02. Collected daily but disposing off

03. Collect daily and dispose off

04. Collects daily or disposes off

05. No correction required

8.Sometimes, policemen temporarily confiscate the motorcycles of riders without helmets asking for to gone and buy helmets

01. Asked them to have and bought

02. Asked her to go and buying

03. Asking them to go and buy

04. Ask them to gone and bought

05. No correction required

9.The education system should be such that the children should love and enjoy the learning process and should motivate them to gone to school.

01. Motivates their to go

02. Motivated their to gone

03. Motivate them to go

04. Motivates them for go

05. No correction required

10.The list of available drugs will have to be displays at all medical centres.

01. Will have to be displayed

02. Will be to displayed

03. Will have been to display

04. Will have being displaying

05. No correction required


Q.1 (b)

Q.2 (a)

Q.3 (a)

Q.4 (a)

Q.5 (a)

Q.6 (e)

Q.7 (a)

Q.8 (c)

Q.9 (c)

Q.10 (a)


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