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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 17-09-2022

Swati Mahendras

1. VIBRANT (ADJECTIVE): (जोशपूर्ण): energetic

Synonyms: spirited, virile

Antonyms: dispirited, lethargic

Example Sentence:

The rich merchants are a part of a vibrant economy.

2. AMID (PREPOSITION): (के बीच): in the middle of

Synonyms: among, between

Antonyms: surrounding

Example Sentence:

Our dream home, set amid magnificent rolling countryside.

3. FUGITIVE (ADJECTIVE): (भगोड़ा): person escaping law

Synonyms: escapee, outlaw

Antonyms: enduring, confronting

Example Sentence:

The fugitive don rarely left his cabin to avoid any social contact.

4. INQUISITIVE (ADJECTIVE): (जिज्ञासु): curious

Synonyms: intrigued, interested

Antonyms: uninterested

Example Sentence:

I didn't like to seem inquisitive.

5. ECONOMICAL (ADJECTIVE): (किफ़ायती): cost-effective

Synonyms: effective, efficient

Antonyms: extravagant

Example Sentence:

Solar power may provide a more economic solution.

6. CONSORT (NOUN): (संगी): concomitant

Synonyms: companion, mate

Antonyms: enemy, adversary

Example Sentence:

He is my true consort.

7.ATTUNE (VERB): (लय में करना): accommodate

Synonyms: accustom, adapt

Antonyms: disarrange, disagree

Example Sentence:

Students are not attuned to making decisions

8. CREDENCE (NOUN): (स्वीकृति): acceptance

Synonyms: assurance, certainty

Antonyms: denial, disbelief

Example Sentence:

If a person wants to give credence to his business, he should develop a company website.

9. WHIP (VERB): (पीटना): bash

Synonyms: beat, lash

Antonyms: compliment, praise

Example Sentence:

He was whipped badly.

10.CONTINUAL (ADJECTIVE): (लगातार): ceaseless

Synonyms: continuous, enduring

Antonyms: finished, end

Example Sentence:

Your words are the source of continual inspiration.


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