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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 29-09-2022

Swati Mahendras

1.REINSTATE (VERB): (पुनः स्थापित करना): restore

Synonyms: put back, replace

Antonyms: abolish

Example Sentence:

The union threatened strike action if Owen was not reinstated.

2. HARROW (VERB): (परेशान करना): distress

Synonyms: trouble, afflict

Antonyms: calm

Example Sentence:

Rima could take it, whereas I'm harrowed by it.

3.BOLSTER (VERB): (मजबूत बनाना): strengthen

Synonyms: support, reinforce

Antonyms: avoid

Example Sentence:

The fall in interest rates is starting to bolster confidence.

4.DISORIENTED (ADJECTIVE): (गुमराह): confused

Synonyms: bewildered, perplexed

Antonyms: oriented

Example Sentence:

She was so disoriented that Joe had to walk her to her room.

5.GLORIFY (VERB): (महिमामंडन करना): ennoble

Synonyms: exalt, elevate

Antonyms: dishonor

Example Sentence:

A football video went viral glorifying violence.

6.INNATE (ADJECTIVE): (जन्मजात): inborn

Synonyms: natural, inbred

Antonyms: acquired

Example Sentence:

Her innate capacity for organization.

7.DEFY (VERB): (अवज्ञा करना): disobey

Synonyms: go against, flout

Antonyms: obey

Example Sentence:

She is a woman who defies convention.

8.DIRE (ADJECTIVE): (अत्यंत गंभीर): terrible

Synonyms: dreadful, appalling

Antonyms: excited

Example Sentence:

Misuse of drugs have dire consequences.

9.ABATE (VERB): (घटना): subside

Synonyms: lessen, let up

Antonyms: intensify

Example Sentence:

In an hour or so the storm would abate and they could leave.

10.CONVICTION (NOUN): (दोषसिद्धि): sentence

Synonyms: judgement

Antonyms: acquittal

Example Sentence:

She had a previous conviction for a similar offence.


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