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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 18-06-2022

Swati Mahendras

1.DEPRIVED (ADJECTIVE): (वंचित): disadvantaged

Synonyms: underprivileged, poverty

Antonyms: fortunate

Example Sentence:

The charity cares for destitute and deprived children.

2.ELUSIVE (ADJECTIVE): (पकड़ में न आने वाला): evasive

Synonyms: slippery, shifty

Antonyms: accessible

Example Sentence:

Success has become even more elusive now.

3.THRILL (VERB): (रोमांचित करना): excite

Synonyms: stimulate, arouse

Antonyms: bore

Example Sentence:

Frankly, jumping off a cliff doesn't thrill me at all.

4.CONFISCATE (VERB): (ज़ब्त करना): impound

Synonyms: seize, commandeer

Antonyms: return

Example Sentence:

The guards immediately confiscated his camera.

5.NEGLIGENCE (NOUN): (लापरवाही): carelessness

Synonyms: dereliction of duty, neglect

Antonyms: conscientiousness

Example Sentence:

She got injured due to the negligence of his employers.

6.PLAUSIBLE (ADJECTIVE): (विश्वसनीय): credible

Synonyms: reasonable, believable

Antonyms: unlikely

Example Sentence:

He gave a plausible explanation of how he got into acting.

7.PERTINENT (ADJECTIVE):(प्रासंगिक): relevant

Synonyms: to the point, apposite

Antonyms: irrelevant

Example Sentence:

She asked me a lot of pertinent questions.

8.CONFINE (VERB): (सीमित करना): enclose

Synonyms: incarcerate, imprison

Antonyms: release

Example Sentence:

He does not confine his message to high politics.

9.PRONOUNCED (ADJECTIVE): (स्पष्ट): noticeable

Synonyms: marked, strong

Antonyms: faint

Example Sentence:

She had a pronounced squint.

10.LAPSE (VERB): (अवधि समाप्त होना): expire

Synonyms: run out, terminate

Antonyms: current

Example Sentence:

He let his membership of CND lapse.


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