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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 22-06-2022

Swati Mahendras

1. EXTERMINATE (VERB): (विनाश करना): destroy

Synonyms: do away with put an end to

Antonyms: build

Example Sentence:

After exterminating the entire population, the soldiers set fire to the buildings.

2.DEFER (VERB): (योग्यता स्वीकार करना): yield

Synonyms: submit, give way

Antonyms: stand up to

Example Sentence:

He deferred to Teresa's superior knowledge.

3.DISCERNIBLE (ADJECTIVE): (नमूदार): visible

Synonyms: detectable, perceptible

Antonyms: imperceptible

Example Sentence:

The scandal had no discernible effect on his career.

4. ABROGATE (VERB): (अभिनिषेध करना): repeal

Synonyms: repudiate, revoke

Antonyms: institute

Example Sentence:

A proposal to abrogate temporarily the right to strike.

5.HURL (VERB): (वेग से फेंकना): throw

Synonyms: toss, fling

Antonyms: catch

Example Sentence:

Rioters hurled a brick through the windscreen.

6.MAVERICK (NOUN): (व्यक्तिवादी): individualist

Synonyms: nonconformist, free spirit

Antonyms: conformist

Example Sentence:

He's the maverick of the senate.

7.DEJECTION (NOUN): (विषाद): despondency

Synonyms: depression, disappointment

Antonyms: happiness

Example Sentence:

He was slumped in deep dejection.

8.REBUT (VERB): (खंडन करना): refute

Synonyms: deny, disprove

Antonyms: confirm

Example Sentence:

He had to rebut charges of acting for the convenience of his political friends.

9. CITE (NOUN): (उद्धरण देना): quote

Synonyms: reproduce, mention

Antonyms: conceal

Example Sentence:

Authors who are highly regarded by their peers tend to be cited.

10. BOOST (VERB): (बढ़ाना): improve

Synonyms: raise, uplift

Antonyms: decrease

Example Sentence:

A range of measures boosted tourism.


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