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How to Score Well in the SSC MTS Reasoning Section


The SSC MTS Tier 1 exam is to be held in July 2022, and the official notification has been released by the Staff Selection Commission. This exam is for the recruitment of multitasking staff. The Reasoning section is a significant part of the SSC MTS syllabus that needs to be tackled with a strong SSC MTS preparation strategy. Below we will provide all the essential information and tips on how to prepare for this section.

First, we need to understand what are the topics covered in the General Intelligence and Reasoning Syllabus.

General Intelligence and Reasoning Syllabus

These are the topics covered:

  • Coding and decoding 

  • Classification

  • Analogy

  • Matrix

  • Venn Diagram

  • Word arrangement for forming a sentence in dictionary order

  • Direction/Distance

  • Blood relation

  • Missing number

  • Puzzle

  • Non-verbal reasoning 

  • Verbal reasoning 

  • Series

Important Points to remember about the General Intelligence and Reasoning section

  • Since it is a high-scoring section, aspirants need to prepare well.

  • This section will be for 25 marks, and it is easy to score more than 20 marks in this section.

  • The aspirant’s capacity to handle arithmetic computations, abstract ideas and symbols, and other analytical functions will be assessed in this section.

  • The questions are non-verbal types.

What to Expect from Each Topic in the Reasoning Section

  • Classification: In this, you will be asked to find the odd one out. You need to pick those that do not follow the same pattern as others. It can be based on letters, numbers, or meaningful words.

  • Arranging words in a meaningful order: You can answer these questions by arranging words as per the dictionary meanings.

  • Analogy: You need to analyze the relation that is given in the statement. Then find a similar relation in the question asked.

  • Venn diagram: Represent the relations between different terms in a Venn diagram.

  • Coding, Decoding: The questions commonly asked are related to coding by letter shifting or coding by word.

  • Word formation: From the given word, you need to check if any of the words in the options can be formed.

  • Series: Questions asked will be related to alphabetical series and number series and completing the given series.

  • Blood relation: The questions will be related to a family tree, identifying a person in a photograph, etc.

  • Direction and Distance: You can expect one question from this topic related to direction and distance.

  • Verbal reasoning: The chances of verbal reasoning questions are minimal. But, still, you can prepare questions related to statements and conclusions, statements and inferences, statements and assumptions, etc.

  • Puzzles: These are time-consuming questions that will include quant questions, seating arrangement questions, or equation-based questions.

  • Non-verbal reasoning: Questions worth 4 to 6 marks will be asked, including figure-based problems like completing the pattern, mirror image, hidden image, or counting figures. 

  • Matrix: Questions having two to three marks will be asked.

Here are some valuable tips for scoring well in the SSC MTS Reasoning section:

Tips for Scoring Excellently in the SSC MTS Reasoning Section

  • You need to read each question in detail and focus on the problems to avoid making mistakes.

  • Focus more on topics like general logic application and logical deduction.

  • You will find topics like space visualization, the number series, and relationship concepts easy to solve. 

  • Don’t spend too much time on a single question. If you are stuck on a question for some time, move on to the next one. Tackle the difficult question later if you have time.

  • You need to be able to solve the 25 questions in this section within 15 minutes.

  • Practise the SSC MTS mock test to get a feel of the exam’s difficulty level and to know how to manage time effectively.

  • These books can help you score well in the reasoning section: 

Test of Reasoning by Edgar Thorpe, and A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning by Dr. R.S. Aggarwal.

With this wealth of knowledge and tips, tackling the SSC MTS reasoning section will be easy for you. Joining reputed SSC MTS online coaching classes will help you in your preparation significantly. Such classes will provide ample practice questions based on previous years’ test papers. Moreover, they will also provide the SSC MTS mock test to improve your time management skills.


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