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English Language Quiz For IBPS |RBI | NABARD | 14-05-2022

Swati Mahendras


Dear Readers,

Mahendras has started special quizzes for IBPS  |RBI  | NABARD  so that you can practice more and more to crack the examination. This IBPS |RBI  | NABARD   Exam special quiz series will mold your preparations in the right direction and the regular practice of these quizzes will be really very helpful in scoring good marks in the Examination. Here we are providing you the important question of reasoning ability for the IBPS  |RBI  | NABARD .

1-5. Read the passage and answer the questions given below:

The gap between credit card rates and the official cash rate is now more than 18% – the largest it has been in 27 years, since data has been kept – after the major banks failed to pass on any of the Reserve Bank’s rate cut last week to credit card holders. Labor leader Bill Shorten has called on the banks to explain themselves, saying there is no reason the gap should be so big. You never see significant (1) reductions in credit card interest rates,” “Deposits are relatively low return, but credit card interest rates are relatively high. And it’s not /good enough for the banks to ignore credit card holders, mortgagees and small businesses just in the pursuit of bigger and bigger, bloated bottom line.” “Our strategy remains focused on improving retail basics, simplifying and strengthening the (2) offer through improve availability end assortment discipline, reducing costs through our cost driven programme and driving sales through strategic price investments,” he said.

ASDA has been losing market share for the past two years while bigger rival Tesco has improved its prices and service. (3) Price deflation and the rise of online shopping, combined with the use of small local grocery stores, have sales declines at all the major traditional supermarket chains.

(4) But ASDA, which does not ________ (A) a chain of small local stores and has based its marketing around price, is ________ (B) far worse than its major rivals. The group ousted Andy Clarke from his role as chief executive and replaced him with Sean Clarke, a former ASDA employee who most recently (5) ran Walmart’s Chinese business. Sainsbury’s operations head, and some analysts expected him to replace Clarke once his year-long notice period from Sainsbury’s was over.

1 Choose the word which can replace the highlighted word for (1)

01. noteworthy

02. prominent

03. resulting

04. analytics

05. both 1 and 2

2 Improve the highlighted phrase for (2)

01. offer through improved available and assortment discipline

02. offer through improve availability and assortment discipline

03. offer through improved availability and assortment discipline

04. offer through improves availability and assortment disciplined

05. No correction required

3 Find out the error for (3) while bold part is already correct.

Price deflation and the rise (A)/ of online shopping, combined with (1)/ the use of small local grocery stores, have sales (2)/ decline at all the major (3)/ traditional supermarket chains.(4)/ No Error (5)

01. 1

02. 2

03. 3

04. 4

05. 5

4 Choose the correct options for (4)

01. lie complying

02. put honouring

03. operate faring

04. operate fearing

05. frame, lying

5 Choose the odd one out for (5)

01. Newly

02. Lately

03. Latterly

04. Currently

05. Primitively

6-10. In the following sentence there are two blank spaces and five pair of words have been denoted in the table match the suitable pair. Find out which pair of words can be filled in the blanks in order to make a meaningful sentence.

6 The students were asked to __________ and then exhale forcefully into a testing device to check their lung__________.

01. A-E

02. B-E

03. C-D

04. A-F

05. C-E

7 Japan was among the first countries to __________ its vehicle manufacturers to do end-of-life __________ of their merchandise.

01. A-E

02. B-E

03. C-D

04. A-D

05. C-E

8 High-altitude areas in Jammu ___________ the season's first heavy snowfall which led to closure of the Mughal Road, the alternate link _________ Kashmir and rest of the country, for vehicular traffic.

01. A-E

02. B-E

03. C-D

04. A-F

05. C-E

9 The NIA has __________ a case in connection with the killing of RSS leader nearly a month after the government decided to hand over the __________ to the central probe agency.

01. A-E

02. B-E

03. C-D

04. A-F

05. C-E

10 A survey conducted by Heal foundation __________ that a majority of people think it is the whole and sole responsibility of the government to ___________ the air.

01. A-E

02. B-E

03. C-F

04. A-F

05. C-E


Q.1 (5)

Q.2 (3)

Q.3 (5)

Q.4 (3)

Q.5 (5)

Q.6 (5)

Q.7 (4)

Q.8 (4)

Q.9 (5)

Q.10 (3)


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