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How to Prepare English for SSC CGL 2022 Exam (Topic-wise)?

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Prepare English for SSC CGL 2022 Exam

If you want to pass out with flying colors, then SSC English should be one of the subjects to score maximum marks. One should only need to have basic comprehension and writing ability to obtain good marks and boost the overall SSC score. However, one should not casually do SSC CGL English preparation but prepare the subject thoroughly to crack the exams. If you are thinking about how to prepare English for SSC CGL and get good marks, it is time to pay heed to the tips and tricks of the same. 

About SSC CGL Test Structure 


The SSC English syllabus is divided into two parts: English Comprehension and English language and comprehension. While SSC CGL English comprehension carries 50 marks in tier 1 and has 25 questions, English language and comprehension in tier 2 has 200 questions with a maximum mark of 200. One should attend the examination with complete preparation and be on the top of the selection list. However, before starting the preparations, one should know about the syllabus, and one can download the latest syllabus from SSC Official Website. While the Tier 1 examination is held for screening, the students and those who pass the tier 1 examination can only sit for the Tier 2 examination.


Doing SSC CGL Preparations 


If we look at the question pattern of CGL English, we see that one has to race against time to answer the questions. Thus, one needs to have proper training and practice on the subject, appear for online or offline SSC CGL mock test series organized by various coaching and educational institutions, and hone their English skills and confidence on the subject. 


If we do SSC CGL English topic-wise analysis after looking at the syllabus, we see that it contains mainly grammar and comprehension. English topics for SSC CGL can be comprehensions on any subject depending on the post applied for, but generally, they are of currents affairs or any other stories. The main objective is to understand how good command the candidates have of English.


It is best to increase your vocabulary and depth of grammar. Many candidates have a fear of SSC English grammar, but with practice, one can excel in the subject. One can also look for previous year’s SSC CGL English questions, answer them against time and prepare for the test. The more one practices, one can increase the depth of English vocabulary for SSC CGL and perform well in the examination hall. 


If you feel less confident learning English for SSC CGL, it is best to join one of the best coaching centers in the area. One can also surf the internet and go for SSC CGL coaching online or courses offered by many best institutions and do the preparations. Joining an online SSC CGL course can be much helpful as it will increase the competitiveness of practicing with others and giving mock tests.   


The SSC CGL English topic-wise weightage varies on many parameters. While synonyms or antonyms have a weightage of 7 to 8, part of speech varies between 23 and 25. Joining an online course will hone up the skills for English comprehension for SSC CGL having weightage over 25 and within 30. Again, previous year’s SSC CGL test series questions of English will help to master the art of Para Jumbles weighing in between 21 to 23. 


The online coaching center helps to focus on the subject and many times help the students with SSC CGL last-minute tips. However, one needs to concentrate on the preparations, be entirely focused on the subject, and follow the guidance provided by the online coaching center. Practicing and working hard on your English writing abilities and understanding the language matters most for preparing for the test. Revising the subject time and again helps to remember the tips and tricks of answering various questions within the time frame of the examination.



One should not fear English tests in the SSC CGL examination. Working on grammar, increasing vocabulary capacity, and solving previous year's exam papers can hone the skills. English is one of the scoring papers in SSC, and one should read English newspaper articles, editorials, and read books in English to better understand the subject. With proper practice and revision, one can have complete confidence to appear for the test and score high. Appear for multiple mock tests to determine how one is prepared and correct, if necessary, to crack the Tier 1 and the Tier 2 examination of English in SSC CGL. 

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