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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 25-12-2021

Swati Mahendras

1.TUMBLE (VERB): (गिरना): plummet

Synonyms: plunge, dive

Antonyms: rise

Example Sentence:

In the last decade, property prices have tumbled.

2.CONSEQUENTIAL (ADJECTIVE): (परिणामी): resulting

Synonyms: resultant, ensuing

Antonyms: casual

Example Sentence:

It was a loss of confidence and a consequential withdrawal of funds.

3.VICE (NOUN): (अनैतिकता): immorality

Synonyms: wrongdoing, wrong

Antonyms: virtue

Example Sentence:

A mobile phone network is being used to peddle vice.

4.INDISPUTABLE (ADJECTIVE): (निर्विवाद): incontrovertible

Synonyms: incontestable, undeniable

Antonyms: questionable

Example Sentence:

What he said was a far from indisputable fact.

5.DIFFERENTIAL (ADJECTIVE): (भेदक): distinctive

Synonyms: different, dissimilar

Antonyms: similar

Example Sentence:

Germany and France pledged to maintain the differential between the two.

6.FABLED (ADJECTIVE): (प्रसिद्ध): famed

Synonyms: celebrated, renowned

Antonyms: unknown

Example Sentence:

We all saw a fabled art collection.

7.PALPABLE (ADJECTIVE): (सुस्पष्ट): perceptible

Synonyms: visible, noticeable

Antonyms: intangible

Example Sentence:

It was a palpable sense of loss for me.

8.CHASTISE (VERB): (दंड देना): scold

Synonyms: upbraid, berate

Antonyms: praise

Example Sentence:

He chastised his colleagues for their laziness.

9.INSIDIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (गुढ़): stealthy

Synonyms: subtle, surreptitious

Antonyms: straightforward

Example Sentence:

Harassment is a serious and insidious problem.

10.DENT (VERB): (कम करना): diminish

Synonyms: reduce, lessen

Antonyms: increase

Example Sentence:

She didn't seem to dent the plate of food.


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