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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 30-07-2021

Swati Mahendras

1. FLAK (NOUN): (आलोचना): Criticism

Synonyms: Censure, Disapproval

Antonyms: Approval

Example Sentence:

You must be strong enough to take the flak if things go wrong.

2. QUASH (VERB): (खत्म करना): Suppress

Synonyms: Put an end to, Finish

Antonyms: Prompt

Example Sentence:

A hospital executive quashed rumours that nursing staff will lose jobs.

3. EVACUATE (VERB): (ख़ाली करना): Remove

Synonyms: Clear, Move out

Antonyms: Hold

Example Sentence:

Several families were evacuated from their home.

4. MAVERICK (NOUN): (व्यक्तिवादी): Individualist

Synonyms: Nonconformist, Free spirit

Antonyms: Conformist

Example Sentence:

He's the maverick of the senate.

5. PROLIFIC (ADJECTIVE): (उर्वर):Productive

Synonyms: Fertile, Inventive

Antonyms: Non-productive

Example Sentence:

In captivity tigers are prolific breeders.

6. GRACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (विनीत): Courteous

Synonyms: Polite, Civil

Antonyms: Ungracious

Example Sentence:

The hostess of the party was gracious.

7. INDELIBLE (ADJECTIVE): (अमिट): Ineradicable

Synonyms: Ineffaceable, Indestructible

Antonyms: Erasable

Example Sentence:

He has an indelible impression on me.

8. INCREDIBLE (ADJECTIVE): (अविश्वसनीय): Unbelievable

Synonyms: Beyond-Belief, Unconvincing

Antonyms: Believable

Example Sentence:

Hers is an incredible tale of triumph.

9. DESPICABLE (ADJECTIVE): (घृणित): Contemptible

Synonyms: Loathsome,Hateful

Antonyms: Admirable

Example Sentence:

What he did was a despicable crime.

10. ENRICH (VERB): (संपन्न बनाना): Enhance

Synonyms: Improve, Augment

Antonyms: Spoil

Example Sentence:

Her exposure to museums enriched her life in France.


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