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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 07-05-2021

Swati Mahendras

1. ALTER (VERB): (परिवर्तन करना): change

Synonyms: adjust, adapt

Antonyms: preserve

Example Sentence:

Eliot was persuaded to alter the passage.

2. STRATEGIC (ADJECTIVE): (योजनाबद्ध): planned

Synonyms: calculated, deliberate

Antonyms: random

Example Sentence:

His own strategic plan, which could not be carried out now, was forgotten.

3. UNRESOLVED (ADJECTIVE): (अनिर्णीत): undecided

Synonyms: unsettled, undetermined

Antonyms: resolved

Example Sentence:

The way is so difficult and my guides unresolved.

4. DIPLOMATIC (ADJECTIVE): (कूट-नीतिक): tactful

Synonyms: sensitive, subtle

Antonyms: indiscreet, tactless

Example Sentence:

He tried his best to be diplomatic.

5. EMBARGO (VERB): (निषेध करना): ban

Synonyms: bar, prohibit

Antonyms: allow

Example Sentence:

The documents of national security importance are routinely embargoed.

6. PROVOKE (VERB): (उकसाना): goad

Synonyms: spur prick

Antonyms: deter

Example Sentence:

A teacher can provoke you into working harder.

7. HALT (NOUN): (विराम): stop

Synonyms: standstill cessation

Antonyms: start

Example Sentence:

A halt in production lead to heavy losses.

8. SWIFTLY (ADVERB): (तेजी से): fast

Synonyms: quickly, rapidly

Antonyms: slowly

Example Sentence:

He got up and walked swiftly to the door.

9. ARDUOUS (ADJECTIVE): (दुर्भर): onerous

Synonyms: taxing, difficult

Antonyms: easy

Example Sentence:

He commenced an arduous journey.

10. SHELVE (VERB): (टालना): lay aside

Synonyms: pigeonhole, stay

Antonyms: carry out

Example Sentence:

Plans to reopen the school have been shelved.


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