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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 06-05-2021

Swati Mahendras

1. SEVER (VERB): (क्रम तोड़ना): break off

Synonyms: discontinue, suspend

Antonyms: maintain

Example Sentence:

The notice itself may be sufficient to sever the joint tenancy.

2. TRANSIENT (ADJECTIVE): (क्षणिक): transitory

Synonyms: temporary, short-lived

Antonyms: permanent

Example Sentence:

There is a transient population of thousands of visitors during the year.

3. SUSTAIN (VERB): (आराम पहुंचाना): comfort

Synonyms: help, assist

Antonyms: torment

Example Sentence:

A particular thought had sustained him throughout the years.

4. DISASTROUS (ADJECTIVE): (प्रलयंकर): catastrophic

Synonyms: calamitous, cataclysmic

Antonyms: fortunate

Example Sentence:

A disastrous fire swept through the museum.

5. BOLSTER (VERB): (मजबूत बनाना): strengthen

Synonyms: support, reinforce

Antonyms: undermine

Example Sentence:

The fall in interest rates is starting to bolster confidence.

6. OVERWHELMING (ADJECTIVE): (भारी): profuse

Synonyms: enormous, immense

Antonyms: small

Example Sentence:

His party won overwhelming support.

7. DETER (VERB): (रोकना): prevent

Synonyms: stop, put a stop to

Antonyms: encourage

Example Sentence:

Strategists think not only about how to deter war, but about how war might occur.

8. STERN (ADJECTIVE): (गंभीर): serious

Synonyms: unsmiling, frowning

Antonyms: genial

Example Sentence:

A smile transformed his stern face.

9. SHUN (VERB): (बचना): avoid

Synonyms: evade, eschew

Antonyms: accept

Example Sentence:

She shunned fashionable society.

10. HOSTILE (ADJECTIVE): (विपक्षी): opposed

Synonyms: averse, antagonistic

Antonyms: in favour of

Example Sentence:

People are very hostile to the idea.


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