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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 09-04-2021

Swati Mahendras

1. EXEMPT (VERB): (मुक्त करना): free from

Synonyms: exempted, spared

Antonyms: liable to

Example Sentence:

These patients are exempt from all charges.

2. ELIGIBLE (ADJECTIVE): (योग्य): entitled

Synonyms: permitted, allowed

Antonyms: ineligible

Example Sentence:

He was eligible for re-election after the lapse of a fortnight.

3. PRELIMINARY (ADJECTIVE): (प्रारंभिक): preparatory

Synonyms: introductory, initial

Antonyms: concluding

Example Sentence:

Preliminary findings show that the drug could help patients with skin cancer.

4. TURN OUT (PHRASAL VERB): (बंद करना): switch off

Synonyms: turn off, put off

Antonyms: Turn on

Example Sentence:

He turned out the light and groped his way through the doorway to the bed.

5. THWART (NOUN): (विफल करना): foil

Synonyms: frustrate, balk

Antonyms: assist

Example Sentence:

The government had been able to thwart all attempts by opposition leaders.

6. HARDSHIP (NOUN): (कष्ट): privation

Synonyms: deprivation, destitution

Antonyms: prosperity

Example Sentence:

He is facing intolerable levels of hardship.

7. COMBATANT (NOUN): (योद्धा): contender

Synonyms: antagonist, adversary

Antonyms: ally

Example Sentence:

He is a long-time combatant for the control of Newcastle FC.

8. AUTHORITARIAN (ADJECTIVE): (सत्तावादी): autocratic

Synonyms: dictatorial totalitarian

Antonyms: democratic

Example Sentence:

The transition from an authoritarian to a democratic regime.

9. INTENT (ADJECTIVE): (दृढ़): bent

Synonyms: set, determined

Antonyms: half-hearted

Example Sentence:

The government was intent on achieving greater efficiency.

10. INCUR (VERB): (झेलना): suffer

Synonyms: sustain, experience

Antonyms: avoid

Example Sentence:

I will pay any expenses incurred.


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