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MICA : March, 2021 | Master In Current Affairs

Mahendra Guru


Dear Aspirants,

We feel delighted to present you the "March 2021" edition of "Master In Current Affairs". MICA is a comprehensive magazine focused on both intellectual and competitive nature of learning. Apart from the competitive edge, MICA is intended to provide you with a vision of self-enhancement.

MICA includes highly acclaimed sections such as, Newsletters, News Diary, One Liner, World of English, which are directly related to your preparation for competitive examinations. Chalte - Chalte is one of the most steering elements of MICA on the go, which is mentioned below every page. This edition creates a forum where all candidates and guidance personnel can meet the important issues of this month which may play a vital role in the forthcoming examination. The important topics covered in this edition are:

78th Golden Globe Awards - The 78th Golden Globe Awards honored the best in American television of 2020, as well as film in 2020 and early 2021, as chosen by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The ceremony took place on February 28, 2021, nearly two months later than normal, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cinema and on television.

Space Exploration - Space Exploration- In the 50 years since the Apollo 11 Moon landing, humans have made extraordinary progress in space exploration. Right now, unmanned space probes are exploring the universe far beyond our system, communicating with Earth from over 11 billion miles away.

Military Coup in Myanmar - The military gained power after the recent military coup in Myanmar, it is known that this is the third coup in Myanmar since independence from British rule in 1948. 'Coup' refers to the violent and illegally seizing of the powers of a democratically elected government. This tension between civil power and military power was further heightened when the first parliamentary elections were held in Myanmar for the first time in 2008 and witnessing the democratic future of Myanmar as a civil power elected but it was drafted by the Tatmadaw ie Myanmar army in 2008.

In this edition as a wish for your bright and prosperous future we are providing “SBI APPRENTICE MODEL PAPER 2021” and “SSC STENOGRAPHER MODEL PAPER 2021” for your self-assessment. You can also test your Current Affairs by visiting the Quiz Time section for self-assessment, which includes all possible multiple-choice questions from the current affairs of this month. To serve you better we will diligently serve you our level best with various new topics and news that is important from the examination point of view.

Best of luck for your exams.

Your suggestions will be worthwhile and accepted.

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