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English Language Quiz For IBPS & SBI Exam | 30-03-2021

Swati Mahendras

Dear Readers,

Mahendras has started special quizzes for IBPS & SBI Exam so that you can practice more and more to crack the examination. This IBPS & SBI Exam special quiz series will mold your preparations in the right direction and the regular practice of these quizzes will be really very helpful in scoring good marks in the Examination. Here we are providing you the important question of reasoning ability for the IBPS & SBI Exam.

1-5. In the following question; a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given, to make the passage complete and coherent.

1 In stark contrast to mammals, the zebrafish has the ability to completely regenerate its retina and restore vision after an injury. Researchers from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Mohali, have decoded ______________and hope to uncover valuable clues as to why we humans fail at such regeneration.

01. more likely to lie at the comfortable intersection of patience, love

02. the signals and genes behind this tremendous feat

03. legal entanglements and public shaming—as they should be

04. in zebrafish has been previously reported to aid in developmental

05. since this signalling is also responsible for retina regeneration

2 According to the practice, a family plants a fruit bearing tree on the birth of a girl child. The fruits provide financial insurance for the girl ____________ . The money, which multiplies in the course of time, is spent during the marriage of the girl.

01. as the family deposits the money by selling them in her name

02. everyone feels happy on birth of a girl child in their family

03. planting of trees by families on birth of a girl child

04. this prompted people to go for cash-rich trees like banana and mango

05. the government provides all possible help to the village to encourage this practice

3 Even though state governments collectively spend much more than the Union government every year, state budgets do not attract the attention they deserve. Some financial market analysts keep an eye on state budgets, but it remains largely ________________depending on their fiscal situations.

01. the annual study of state government finances by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) becomes important

02. one of the highest among its peers

03. an academic exercise since bond market investors neither reward nor punish states

04. that they reduce household debt, loan waivers do not help increase investment or productivity

05. state government bonds shows that redemption pressure has started increasing since the last fiscal.

4 ————due to the use of detergents, toilet soaps, shampoo and shikakai in the waterfalls and the threat being posed by non-degradable plastic sachets at Courtallam, the town panchayat recently decided to ban the use of all these products at Main Falls, Five Falls, Tiger Falls and Chitraruvi.

01. In a bid to control pollution being caused

02. Using of detergents, toilet soaps, shampoo and shikakai

03. Shopkeepers were murmuring against the decision

04. The town panchayat administration put two huge flex boards near Main Falls

05. All packed in plastic sachets, in Courtallam waterfalls has been completely banned

5 Corals have a symbiotic relationship with the unicellular algae dinoflagellates. An increase in sea surface temperatures leads to coral bleaching and the breaking of this relationship. This ecosystem is so sensitive that an increase _____________to bleach and die. Apart from sea surface temperatures, increase in carbon dioxide levels in the sea water and a change in its chemical composition can also trigger bleaching.

01. of sea surface temperature by one degree can cause the corals

02. Coral reefs in India are only seen in some localities around the Gulf of Mannar

03. Eggs are laid in manure pits or other organic matter

04. reducing harvest of herbivorous fish and minimising anthropogenic causes of bleaching

05. The beetles are active at night

6-10. In the following sentence, four parts i.e. (A), (B), (C), and (D) are given, there can be error(s) in one or all parts of the sentence, you will have to choose the incorrect part(s) of the sentence and mark your answer accordingly.

6 Lenders may have to write off majority of (A)/ the loan since there is a little scope (B)/ of bidders showing interest in a company(C)/ that facing probing from investigative agencies. (D).

01. Both B & C

02. Only B

03. Only D

04. Both A & C

05. Both A & B

7 The decision had led to a massive cash shortage(A)/ and banks had restricted withdrawals,(B)/ both from the branches as well as (C)/ ATMs for some month. (D).

01. Both C & D

02. Only B

03. Only C

04. Both A & C

05. Both A & D

8 The technologies used to produced electricity from renewable resources,(A)/ and the rare earths and minerals that some,(B)/ including solar panels and wind turbines, rely in,(C)/ could be subject to protectionism and trade wars. (D).

01. Both B & C

02. Only B

03. Only C

04. Both A & B

05. Both A & C

9 In his 68th birthday, PM Modi will watch a 32-minute film(A)/ 'Chalo Jeete Hain' with the schoolchildren(B)/ and he is also like to inaugurate(C)/ several development projects worth crores of rupees (D).

01. Both B & D

02. Only B

03. Only C

04. Both A & C

05. Both A & D

10 We do not know whether(A)/ the particles we found(B)/ could also move across(C)/ into the fetus, but evidence suggest this is possible.(D)

01. Both B & C

02. Only D

03. Only C

04. Both A & D

05. Both A & B


Q.1 (2)

Q.2 (1)

Q.3 (3)

Q.4 (1)

Q.5 (1)

Q.6 (3)

Q.7 (1)

Q.8 (5)

Q.9 (4)

Q.10 (2)


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