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SSC CGL & MTS Quiz : English Language | 28-02-2021

Swati Mahendras

Dear Readers,

As SSC CGL & MTS notification is out and candidates have started their preparation for this exam. Mahendras also has started special quizzes for this examination. This series of quizzes are based on the latest pattern of the SSC CGL & MTS  examination. Regular practice of the questions included in the quizzes will boost up your preparations and it will be very helpful in scoring good marks in the examination.

1-10. In the following passage, some of the words have been left out. First read the passage over and try to understand what it is about. Then fill in the blanks with the help of the alternatives given. Mark your answer.

The last decade has been (A) for management education and development. When the economics of most western countries were (B) in the early 1980's there were (C) cuts both in corporate training and in higher education. During the boom years of the mid 1980's there were some (D) in both areas .In the early 1990's industrialized countries were in the (E) of another severe recession and a (F) retrenchment was to be reasonably (G) throughout the training world. But this has not been the case so far. Many leading companies are (H) their belief in training as the key to future competitiveness and government are (I) an era of rapid (J) in higher education.

1 Choose the correct option for (A).

A. dogmatic

B. paradoxical

C. praiseworthy

D. outstanding

2 Choose the correct option for (B).

A. galvanized

B. developing

C. faltering

D. privatised

3 Choose the correct option for (C).

A. judicious

B. marginal

C. proportionate

D. severe

4 Choose the correct option for (D).

A. reactions

B. slashing

C. pro-activity

D. curiosity

5 Choose the correct option for (E).

A. area

B. grip

C. context

D. mood

6 Choose the correct option for (F).

A. critical

B. profound

C. slight

D. tough

7 Choose the correct option for (G).

A. fabricated

B. advocated

C. projected

D. expected

8 Choose the correct option for (H).

A. asserting

B. rejecting

C. managing

D. criticising

9 Choose the correct option for (I).

A. establishing

B. encouraging

C. circulating

D. preaching

10 Choose the correct option for (J).

A. degradation

B. communication

C. exhibition

D. expansion


Q.1 (B)

Q.2 (C)

Q.3 (D)

Q.4 (A)

Q.5 (B)

Q.6 (A)

Q.7 (D)

Q.8 (A)

Q.9 (B)

Q.10 (D)


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