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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 31-05-2020

Priyanka Mahendras
The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 09-12-19

1. INCONSEQUENTIAL (ADJECTIVE): (महत्तवहीन): insignificant

Synonyms: unimportant, trivial

Antonyms: significant

Example Sentence:

They always talk about inconsequential things.

2. CAUTIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (सतर्क): careful

wary aware


Example Sentence:

A cautious driver is all I need for a long drive along the countryside.

3. FACTUAL (ADJECTIVE): (तथ्यात्मक): truthful
: true, accurate

Antonyms: fictitious

Example Sentence:

A mixture of comment and factual information is needed.

4. EXCEPTIONAL (ADJECTIVE): (असाधारण): unusual

Synonyms: uncommon, abnormal

Antonyms: usual

Example Sentence:

Late claims will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.

5. AMPLIFY (VERB): (बढ़ाना): louden

Synonyms: turn up, increase

Antonyms: reduce

Example Sentence:

The accompanying chords have been amplified in our arrangement.

6. FLAG (VERB): (मंद होना): tire

Synonyms: become fatigued, weaken

Antonyms: revive

Example Sentence:

If you begin to flag, there is an excellent cafe to revive you.

7. EXCEPTIONABLE (ADJECTIVE): (आपत्तिजनक): objectionable

Synonyms: offensive, disagreeable

Antonyms: agreeable

Example Sentence:

His drawings are almost the only exceptionable part of his work.

8. CONSCIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (जानबूझकर किया गया): deliberate

intentional, intended


Example Sentence:

He made a conscious effort to walk away.

9. DOMINANT (ADJECTIVE): (प्रधान):

Synonyms: ruling, governing

Antonyms: subservient

Example Sentence:

They are now in an even more dominant position in the market.

10. RECKLESS (ADJECTIVE): (लापरवाह): rash

Synonyms: careless, thoughtless

Antonyms: careful

Example Sentence:

One mustn't be too reckless.

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