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SSC CHSL Quiz : English Language | 30-05-2020

Priyanka Mahendras
SSC  CHSL Quiz : English Language | 19-03-2020

As SSC CHSL notification is out and candidates have started their preparation for this exam. Mahendras also has started special quizzes for this examination. This series of quizzes are based on the latest pattern of the SSC CHSL examination. Regular practice of the questions included in the quizzes will boost up your preparations and it will be very helpful in scoring good marks in the examination.

Q1-5 In questions given below, a part of the sentence is highlighted. Below are given alternatives to the highlighted part at (A), (B) and (C) which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative.In case no improvement is needed your answer is (D).

Q1 If neither of them are to be trusted, it is not at all advisable to invest further.

A. is to be trusted

B. has to be trusted

C. have to be trusted

D. No improvement

Q2 She was more beautiful than either of her three sisters

A. all of three sisters

B. each of her three sisters

C. any of her three sisters

D. No improvement

Q3 Don't touch the door as it has just been painted

A. is just painted

B. just has been painted

C. have just been painted

D. No improvement

Q4 Before I could stop him the boy was throwing the box down the stairs.

A. threw

B. had thrown

C. did throw

D. No improvement

Q5 He would have lent me a pen if he was knowing that I didn't have one

A. had known

B. have had known

C. would know

D. No improvement

Q6-10 In the following passage, some of the words have been left out. First read the passage over and try to understand what it is about. Then fill in the blanks with the help of the alternatives given.

Sports are the physical activity done in particular ways of style and all are named _6_. Indian government has made compulsory playing the sports in the schools and colleges for the student’s welfare and good health as well as improving mental skill. _7_ of the children in any of the sports is very necessary and important. Students should be _8_ and motivated by their parents at home and teachers in the schools. It is necessary for the growing children so that they may develop good habits and discipline which they may continue to their adulthood and pass to the next generation.

Sports play great role in improving and maintaining the health and fitness, improving mental skills and concentration level as well as social and communication skills. Playing sports on _9_ basis prevents person form the many diseases and disorders of the body organs especially overweight, obese and heart problems. Children should never be _10_ for playing the sports instead they should be promoted.

Q6 Choose the correct option for (6).

A. in accordance to

B. in a way

C. accordance with

D. accordingly

Q7 Choose the correct option for (7).

A. participation

B. indulging

C. attending

D. assistance

Q8 Choose the correct option for (158).

A. discouraged

B. encouraged

C. endorse

D. motivated

Q9 Choose the corerct option for (9).

A. interval

B. cost

C. hobby

D. regular

Q10 Choose the correct option for (10).

A. stopped

B. restricted

C. promoted

D. demoted


Q.1 (1)

Q.2 (3)

Q.3 (4)

Q.4 (2)

Q.5 (1)

Q.6 (4)

Q.7 (1)

Q.8 (2)

Q.9 (4)

Q.10 (4)


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