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SSC CGL & CHSL Quiz : English Language | 27-02-2020

Swati Mahendras
SSC CGL & CHSL Quiz : English Language | 10-02-2020

As SSC CGL & CHSL notification is out and candidates have started their preparation for this exam. Mahendras also has started special quizzes for this examination. This series of the quizzes is based on the latest pattern of the SSC CGL/CHSL examination. Regular practice of the questions included in the quizzes will boost up your preparations and it will be very helpful in scoring good marks in the examination.

Q.1 Given below are four jumbled sentences. Select the option that gives their correct order.

A. But they faced grave danger if they tried to criticize these decisions.

B. The nationalists now began to openly criticize the policies of the British.

C. The freedom movement changed this situation.

D. Under colonial rule, the people had lived in fear of the British government and did not agree with many of the decisions that they took.





Q.2 Select the correctly spelt word. 

1. tuttion

2. tuetion

3. tuition

4. tution

Q.3 Select the word which means the same as the group of words given.

One who is a great lover of books.

1. paedophile

2. xenophile

3. bibliophile

4. hemophile

Q.4 Select the most appropriate synonym of the given word.


1. dread

2. dictate

3. delay

4. despair

Q.5 Select the correct passive​​​​​​​ form of the given sentence. 

The sailors had never encountered such a rough sea. 

1. Such a rough sea was never encountered by the sailors.

2. Such a rough sea has never been encountered by the sailors.

3. Such a rough sea is never encountered by the sailors.

4. Such a rough sea had never been encountered by the sailors.

Q.6 Given below are four jumbled sentences. Select the option that gives their correct order.

A. The brain is active too during sleep, sending messages for the heart to beat regularly.

B. However, the body utilizes the sleeping time effectively.

C. We spend about one-third of our time sleeping.

D. It produces energy and releases hormones for repair and growth during the night.





Q.7 Select the most appropriate option to fill in the blank. 

The committee reached ______ decision regarding the appointment of the chairman.

1. a unanimous

2. a compatible

3. an exemplary

4. an agreeable

Q.8 Select the correct active form of the given sentence. 

We all will be greatly benefitted by this scheme.

1. This scheme is going to greatly benefit us all.

2. This scheme has greatly benefitted us all.

3. This scheme will greatly benefit us all.

4. This scheme would greatly benefit we all.

Q.9 In the sentence, identify the segment which contains the grammatical error.

There isn't many rice left in the house so we must replenish our stock soon.

1. There isn't many rice

2. left in the house

3. our stock soon

4. so we must replenish

Q.10 Select the most appropriate meaning of the underlined idiom in the given sentence.

Due to an increased number of layoffs in the industry, the sword of Damocles is always hanging over the employees. 

1. a constant threat

2. strict rules and regulations

3. threat of physical harm

4. an ill omen of death


1. The passage is based on ‘colonial rule’.

2. The correctly spelt word is ‘tuition’.

3. bibliophile

4. Defer (v)- postpone.

5. ACTIVE: Past Perfect Tense

PASSIVE: had + been + v3

6. The passage is based on ‘body functions’.

7. unanimous (Adj.) - (of two or more people) fully in the agreement.

8. ACTIVE: Will/Shall + v1

PASSIVE: Will/Shall + be + v3

9. Replace ‘many’ with ‘much’, rice is an uncountable noun.

10.Sword of Damocles - Imminent danger or trouble.


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