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Get 50% Off on SBI Live Batches | Spring Offer

Mahendra Guru
Get 50% Off on SBI Live Batches | Spring Offer

With SBI Clerk examination being lined up students are expecting some magic to ease their way towards the esteemed organizations. We always keep your future and your studies on the top of our priority list. We always program everything so that the end result becomes favorable to you.

With all the stress and performance pressure we do not want you to add one more to the list, as a boon Mahendras is here with the offer on SBI Live Batches. You can avail of this on all the SBI Live Batches at a discount of 50% on using the coupon code SPRING50. 

It is always best to study in the comfortable environment of your home which saves you from the hustle and stress of wasting time in traveling and lodging. Live batches are solutions to these issues. You can interact and ask queries in the Live Classes. And we also wish to provide you with the best study material keeping in mind the current pattern of examination as shared by the exam taking organizations.

The offer will be from 1st Feb 2020 –12 AM. This offer will be Valid till 5th Feb 2020 - 11:59 PM only. 

So make the best out of this chance and make your dreams come true. Keep Reading.



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