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MICA : November, 2019 | Master In Current Affairs

Mahendra Guru
MICA : October, 2019 | Master In Current Affairs

Dear Aspirants, 

We feel delighted to present you the "November 2019" edition of "Master In Current Affairs". MICA is a comprehensive magazine focused on both intellectual and competitive nature of learning. Apart from the competitive edge, MICA is intended to provide you with a vision of self-enhancement.

MICA includes highly acclaimed sections such as, Newsletters, News Diary, One Liner, World of English, which are directly related to your preparation for competitive examinations. Chalte - Chalte is one of the most steering elements of MICA on the go, which is mentioned below every page.

This edition of MICA will accompany you through the major topics and issues that were the source of news headlines for a longer period. We have taken in-depth analysis and research to present unbiased facts and figures while leaving enough space for your cognizance.

The major topics and issues that are discussed thoroughly in this edition are: The recent announcement for the amalgamation of 10 Public Sector Banks into 4 nextGen Public Sector Banks under the topic “Mega Banks Merger”. The merger of these banks is aimed at making India a $5 trillion economy.

An unprecedented number of fires have raged the Amazon forest in Brazil this year. According to experts deforestation is the reason behind most of these fires. We have enquired in detail about this in the topic “Amazon rainforest Fires” 

The article on “45th G7 Summit Biarritz France” covers the details of the summit held in France. We have also focused on the role and opportunities present for India in this summit.

“Indian Economy Meltdown” studies the slowdown indicators minutely to present the sluggishness of few important sectors, such as automobile. We have also scrutinized the role of GST and global factor contributes.

You can revitalize the scene of the high-end arrest drama of former finance minister by the CBI. We have included “INX Media Case” in fact and figure as it is for you to be prepared for coming questions in this regards.

In this edition, we are providing model papers of “CRP PO Pre - Model Paper “and “SSC MTSPre - Previous Paper 2019” for your self-assessment. There is a separate section called Quiz Time for your self-assessment, which includes all possible multiple-choice questions from the current affairs of this month.

To serve you better we will diligently serve you our level best with various new topics

and news that is important from the examination point of view.

Best of luck for your exams.

Your suggestions will be worthwhile and accepted.

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