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Notice For Revised vacancy (NTPC Graduate & Under Graduate Posts)

Mahendra Guru
Notice For Revised vacancy (NTPC Graduate & Under Graduate Posts)

In continuation to the Notice dated 20.04.2019 for cancellation of 69 vacancies of DLW and subsequent inclusion of 66 vacancies for the Visually Impaired (VI) candidates as per the statutory provisions, the vacancies as published in Annexure-B (Vacancy Table) of detailed Centralized Employment Notice CEN-01/2019 is revised in terms of the Para 1.10 of the CEN.

There are only two features of revision of vacancies. (a) The vacancies of DLW have been reduced by 69 for various posts as notified vide notice dated 20.04.2019 and uploaded in the RRBs websites. (b) The vacancies for Visually Impaired (VI) candidates have been enhanced from 236 to 302. 

Accordingly, the detailed vacancies of all participating RRBs along with various posts, community wise/ category wise are enclosed as Revised Vacancy Table: Annexure-B1 

All other terms and conditions of the CEN-01/2019 will remain unchanged.

CEN-01/2019 - Notice for revised vacancy (NTPC Graduate & Under Graduate Posts) 

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