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Hello Video Guru - Apply Promocode and Get 70% Discount!!

Mahendra Guru
Hello Video Guru - Apply Promocode and Get 70% Discount!!
Hello Readers,

Mahendras has come up with a great opportunity "Hello Video Guru" for you all through which you will get a chance to talk to your favourite Gurus. All you have to do is to join us on 30th April 2019 from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm and purchase our Video Guru package. After this, you will get a call from your favourite Gurus within 72 hours of your purchase. 

So, do not miss this opportunity and talk to your favourite Gurus.

Here, you will get 70% discount on the video guru cards. You will have to use PROMOCODES to avail the discount. All the promocodes are mentioned below-

For the details of the Promocodes and cards click on the following link- Click Here

Till then, you can visit our website for latest pattern based speed test, video guru cards, etc.

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