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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 31-01-19

Mahendra Guru
1. OUTRAGE (NOUN): (नाराज़गी) fury 

Synonyms: anger, rage 

Antonyms: cheer, calm 

Example Sentence: 

There was widespread public outrage at the proposal. 

2. DISCREPANCY (NOUN): (अंतर) inconsistency 

Synonyms: variance, disparity 

Antonyms: accord, similarity 

Example Sentence: 

There is a discrepancy between your account and his. 

3. CONUNDRUM (NOUN): (समस्या) riddle 

Synonyms: mystery, enigma 

Antonyms: obviousness, clarification 

Example Sentence: 

Perhaps the answer to the fuel conundrum is mandatory carpooling.

4. PERUSE (VERB): (अवलोकन करना) Examine 

Synonyms: scrutinize, inspect 

Antonyms: ignore, overlook 

Example Sentence: 

The case history was being perused by the FBI. 

5. ANALYTICAL (ADJECTIVE): (विश्लेषणात्मक) logical 

Synonyms: rational, level headed 

Antonyms: careless, thoughtless 

Example Sentence: 

Mathur’s approach is very analytical. 

6. CRIMP (VERB): (सिकोड़ना) fold 

Synonyms: crinkle, wrinkle 

Antonyms: smooth, straighten 

Example Sentence: 

Don’t crimp the pages of my notebook. 

7. DIRE (ADJECTIVE): (भयानक) terrible 

Synonyms: dreadful, awful 

Antonyms: good, mild 

Example Sentence: 

The situation of draught has become dire. 

8. SURGE (NOUN): (वृद्धि) growth 

Synonyms: deluge, upsurge 

Antonyms: decline, decrease 

Example Sentence: 

Sudden surge was seen in dollar in the stock exchange. 

9. NEFARIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (अति दुष्ट, कुटिल) very evil and wicked 

Synonyms: sinful, vicious 

Antonyms: kind, pleasing 

Example sentence: 

To call that new students names, was not only mean, but nefarious. 

10. HEFT (VERB): (उठाना) measure or hump 

Synonyms: lift, heave 

Antonyms: ignore, neglect 

Example Sentence: 

He lifted crates and hefted boxes.

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