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English Language For IBPS RRB PO/Clerk | 25- 09- 18

Mahendra Guru
English Language For IBPS RRB PO/Clerk | 25- 09- 18

Dear Readers,

As IBPS has released the official notification of the Common Recruitment Process for RRBs (CRP RRBs VII) for recruitment of Group “A”-Officers (Scale-I, II And III) and Group “B”-Office Assistant (Multipurpose) and the exam is going to be held in the month of August 2018 and September 2018 for both the posts. Looking at the notification, we have now started subject-wise quizzes for the exam. It will include quizzes of all the subjects- Quantitative Aptitude, English, Reasoning and Computer. All these quizzes will be strictly based on the latest pattern of the IBPS RRB exam and will be beneficial for your preparations. So, keep following the quizzes which will provide you a set of 10 questions daily. 

Here, we are providing you important questions of English Language for IBPS RRB 2018 exam.

Q1-5. In each question below a sentence with four words printed in bold type is given. These are numbered (1),(2),(3) and (4) . One of these four words printed in bold may be either wrongly spelt or inappropriate in context of the sentence. Find out the word which is wrongly spelt or inappropriate if any. The number of that word is your answer. If all the words printed in bold are correctly spelt & also appropriate in the context of the sentence, mark (5) "All correct" as your answer. 

Q1-To succeed in today's world, which has become very competitive, one should not only be academic strong, but also be healthy enough to face the challenges with energy and a fresh mind. All correct 

1. succeed 

2. competitive 

3. academic 

4. enough 

5. All correct 

Q2-Piles of garbage around most of the night shelters attract rats, cats and dogs that often enter the tents for warm putting the life of homeless in danger. All correct 

1. Piles 

2. attract 

3. often 

4. warm 

5. All correct 

Q3-To promote reading and hone writing skills in children, CBSE and ‘Katha’ a non-profit organization aged in story-telling for the past 22 years, is holding an innovative workshop for students, parents and teachers. All correct 

1. promote 

2. hone 

3. aged 

4. innovative 

5. All correct 

Q4-Pausity of quality education, poor health services and lack of job opportunities are cited as the main reasons that drive people out of the hilly terrains to the plains. All correct 

1. Pausity 

2. cited 

3. drive 

4. terrains 

5. All correct 

Q5-Good doctors would be awarded we those found guilt of not performing their duty properly would be punished so that health care services improve in the state and people get adequate facilities without any hassles. All correct 

1. awarded 

2. guilt 

3. improve 

4. hassles 

5. All correct 

Q6-The portability factor has made coolers popular as wheels attached to them make it possible for customers to move them to living room, bedroom or elsewere. All correct 

1. portability 

2. attached to 

3. possible 

4. elsewere 

5. All correct 

Q7-9. In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces. Below each five pairs of words have been denoted by numbers (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5). Find out which pair of words can be filled in the blanks in order to make a meaningful sentence. 

Q7-There are -------------on agricultural land purchases by resident Indians to -------------cultivable land. 

1. Sections, defense 

2. Subsidies, captures 

3. Restrictions, safeguard 

4. Vigil, ease 

5. Fines, promote 

Q8- ----------------Indian culture and philosophy can be well identified only through local languages, ---------------it is impossible to understand the culture of the land through English. 

1. Internalizing, also 

2. Patronizing, certainly 

3. Demanding, as 

4. Understanding, whereas 

5. Quantifying, whatsoever 

Q9-The number of ----------------would have been much higher ------------the suicide bomber entered the railway station, where hundreds of passers were waiting for the train. 

1. Casualties, had 

2. Faculties, had 

3. Catastrophe, had 

4. Blessings, had 

5. Expenses, had 

Q10-Read each part of the sentence to find out if there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, mark your answer as (5).

When we take pride on the fact (1)/ that our railways is one of the largest global rail networks (2)/ it is essential that we are able to run (3)/ these services without accidents (4)/ No error (5) 

1. 1 

2. 2 

3. 3 

4. 4 

5. 5 


Q1. (3) (3) Use 'academically' should be instead of 'academic' 

Q2. (4) ‘Warmth’ should be used – a noun is required at this place. 

Q3. (5) 

Q4. (1) ‘Paucity’ is the correct spelling. 

Q5. (2) ‘Guilty’ should be used – an adjective is required. 

Q6. (4) ‘Elsewhere’ is the correct spelling 

Q7. (3)

Q8. (4) 

Q9. (1) Casualties, had 

For other options: 

Catastrophe (n)- calamity 

Q10. (1) ‘Take pride’ is followed by preposition ‘in’

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