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Study Notes : Geometry Concept And Questions PDF Part-2 For SSC Exams | 30.08.18

Mahendra Guru
Study Notes : Geometry Concept And Questions PDF For SSC Exams | 16.08.18
Dear Aspirant,

Quantitative Aptitude is an essential section of almost every examination. Quantitative Aptitude Section includes Number System, Number Series, Time & Distance, Time & Speed, Time & Work, Profit & Loss, Simple & Compound Interest, Data Interpretation and many other topics (Get Proper Details of the Syllabus). 

If you have clear concepts with good speed in mathematics then Quantitative Aptitude section can be the most scoring section in the examination. One cannot acquire good speed and perspicuous concepts overnight. These could be achieved only by regular practice and hard work. For your Practice, we at Mahendras, provide you a Study-Notes weekly on a particular topic along with the questions, which will help you to practice and boost your preparations.

Study Notes : Profit & Loss For SSC Exams | 10.05.18

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