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The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk and Syndicate Bank PO | 19 - 02 - 18

Mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk and Syndicate Bank PO | 19 - 02 - 18
   1.BUMPTIOUS (ADJECTIVE): offensively self assertive
Synonyms:  arrogant, egotistic
Antonyms: humble, modest
Example Sentence:
I was still annoyed at his bumptious style of conversation.

2. MASQUERADE (NOUN): disguise
Synonyms: carnival, domino
Antonyms: openness, reality
Example Sentence:
He claimed that the booth capturing during the elections would be a masquerade.

3. ELOQUENT (ADJECTIVE): to speak beautifully or express clearly
Synonyms: effective, articulate
Antonyms: introverted, inarticulate
Example Sentence:
According to me, Mr. Kapoor is an eloquent spokesman who leads his team simply with his words.

4. SERVITUDE (NOUN): slavery
Synonyms: bondage, serfdom
Antonyms: mastery, boss
Example Sentence:
Their lives were spent in servitude.

5. LACERATE (VERB): hurt
Synonyms: torture, distress
Antonyms: please, relieve
Example Sentence:
She was lacerated with her filthy remarks.

6. LARCENY (NOUN): theft
Synonyms: stealing, robbery
Antonyms: pay, reimbursement
Example Sentence:
He was arrested because of grand larceny charges.

a strong liking
Synonyms: fondness, inclination
Antonyms: antipathy, dislike
Example Sentence:
He had a penchant for playing jokes on people.

8. PEJORATIVE (ADJECTIVE):  expressing disapproval
Synonyms: negative, debasing
Antonyms: praising, positive
Example Sentence:
Vishvash used the word in a pejorative sense.

9. TAINT (VERB): disgrace
Synonyms: shame, dishonour
Antonyms: respect, honour
Example Sentence:
The celebrities were tainted by the media.

Synonyms: common, banal
Antonyms: fresh, new
Example Sentence:
That's the old hackneyed phrase, but it's true.

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