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The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 30 -11 - 17

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 30 -11 - 17

1. THRENODY (NOUN): a song of lamentation

Synonyms: dirge, elegy

Antonyms: carouse, celebration

Example Sentence: 

The "threnody" on the death of his first-born boy, was a penetrating truth.


Synonyms: tenacious, audacious

Antonyms: cowardly, meek

Example sentence: 

The slaying of Prince by the trojan hero Hecto roused Achilles.

3. TRUMPERY (NOUN): deception

Synonyms: malarkey, falsehood

Antonyms: truth, reality

Example sentence: 

He is involved in the trumpery.

4. UKASE (NOUN): a legal order

Synonyms: mandate, proclamation


Example sentence: 

A recent ukase was passed by the government.

5. REDACT (VERB): edit

Synonyms: adapt, rearrange

Antonyms: disperse, disarrange

Example sentence: 

The company will redact the document before releasing it.

6. STACCATO (NOUN): repetition

Synonyms: recurrence, reiteration

Antonyms: smooth, delicate

Example sentence: 

I heard loud voices and a ringing staccato of dialogues. 

7. UNGUENT (NOUN): salve

Synonyms: balm, lotion

Antonyms: irritant, aggravation

Example sentence: 

He used a unguent for his headache.


Synonyms: suitability, appositeness

Antonyms: goof, incongruity

Example sentence: 

Felicitousness of this new product is to be decided.

9. DOURNESS (NOUN): austerity

Synonyms: slimplicity, bareness

Antonyms: calmness, meekness

Example sentence: 

He is loved for his dourness.

10. PILLAGE (VERB): plunder

Synonyms: desecrate, pilfer

Antonyms: construct, guard

Example sentence: 

A war of fire and pillage began, in which he and his son Louis burned.


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