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Previous Year Quant Questions | 14.07.2017

Mahendra Guru

Previous Year Quant Questions | 13.07.2017

Previous year questions give guidance to us and provide a base for the preparation of any competitive exam. It is always good to have an experience of how the level of exam varies from year to year. For every subject like in Quantitative Aptitude, we come to know the pattern of questions must be followed to prepare the examination.

1.) The price of the sugar is decreased by 20%. If Naimish decreased his expenditure on sugar by 25%, then by what percent Naimish can decrease/increase his consumption?

1.) 8% increase 2.) 8% decrease 3.) 6.25 increase 4.) 6.25 decrease 5.) No Change

previous year
Decrease by 6.25%

2.) A shopkeeper sells three items P, Q, and R and incurs a loss of 21%, 11%, and 10% respectively. The overall loss percentage on selling P and Q items is 14.33% and that of Q and R items is 10.4%. Find the overall loss percentage on selling the three items?

1.) 14% 2.) 11.61% 3.) 10.40% 4.) 12.16% 5.) 13%


Let the cost of the item P, Q, R = Rs p, Rs q, Rs r
SP of the item P=0.79p
SP of the item Q=0.89q
SP of the item R=0.9r
Overall loss percentage of the 1st two items = 14.33%previous year
p : q = 1 : 2
Overall loss percentage of the 2nd and 3rd item&=10.4%
previous year&
q : r = 2 : 3
p : q : r =1 : 2 : 3
Overall loss percentage:
previous year

3.) A bus overtakes two boys who are walking in the direction of the bus at 2 km/hr and 4 km/hr in 9 sec and 10 sec respectively. Speed of the bus is-

1.) 5.55 km/hr 2.) 10 km/hr 3.) 12.66 km/hr 4.) 16.66 km/hr 5.) 20 km/hr 


a = length of the bus, 

b = speed of the bus in m/s 

Relative speed with respect to first one:previous year

(As, 2 km/h =5/9 m/s)
previous year

a = 9 b – 5 ----- (i)

Similarly for second one:

90b − 9a = 100---- (ii)

From Eq (i) and (ii):

a = 50 m and b = 50/9 m/s = 20km/hr

4.) One quantity of sugar at Rs 9.30 per Kg is mixed with another quality at a certain rate in the ratio 8:7. If the mixture so formed is sold at Rs 12 per Kg, what is the rate per Kg of the second quality of sugar, if the mixture is sold at a profit of 20%

1.) 9.80       2.) 9.45       3.) 10.80     4.) 10.70    5.) 11 

C.P of the mixture = previous year
Let the C.P of second type sugar = x
previous year

5.) The number of ways which mixed double tennis matches can be arranged amongst 5 married couples if no husband and wife play in the same match is:


We know that in a mixed double match there are two males and two females.
Two male members can be selected in 5C2=10 ways.
Having selected two male members, 2 female members can be selected in 3C2 = 3ways.
Two male and two female members can be arranged in a particular game in 2 ways.
Total number of arrangements = 10×3×2 = 60 ways.

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