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RBI Grade B Preparation 2017: Strategy to Crack Phase - I

Mahendra Guru
RBI Grade B Preparation 2017: Strategy to Crack Phase - I
The RBI Grade B officer examination consists of two phases namely Phase I and Phase II
Phase-I online Examination (Objective Type):
This will comprise a single Paper for 200 marks and will be held on June 17, 2017. Depending on the number of candidates, the examination may be held in multiple shifts and on some other days also. A candidate, however, has to appear for examination in only one shift on the given day. The date, time and venue on which a candidate has to appear for examination will be specified in the Admission Letter (AL) to be downloaded by the candidate. The ‘corrected-scores’ obtained by each of the candidates in different sessions (if held) will be normalized using equipercentile method.
a) The Paper will consist tests of
i. General Awareness
ii. English Language
iii. Quantitative Aptitude and;
iv. Reasoning

A composite time of 120 minutes will be given for answering. Other detailed information regarding the examination will be given in an Information Handout, which will be made available for the candidates to download along with the Admission letter for examination from the RBI website.

Candidates have to secure minimum marks separately for each test as well as in aggregate, as may be prescribed by the Board.

Candidates, who secure minimum marks separately for each Test, as prescribed, will be shortlisted for Phase-II of the examination based on the aggregate marks obtained in Phase-I. The minimum aggregate cut-off marks for being shortlisted for Phase-II of the examination will be decided by the Board in relation to the number of vacancies. Roll No. of the candidates shortlisted for Phase-II examination will be published on RBI web-site, tentatively within a week after Phase-I examination.
How to Prepare for Phase I:
 Here are some preparation tips for the examination:
  • Practice dedicatedly on a regular basis: The best way to make sure that you have mastered the subject is to develop the regular habit of practice. Papers like Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude are the ones which demand a lot of time and attention from the candidates in the preparatory stage. It needs to get mastered through learning new tricks, ideas, methods and strategies so that you can lower the time taken in order to solve them and enhance the chances of getting selected.
  • Go through the preparation books and website: There are many books and website ( available for the examination. This website and books help the candidates in order to know the exact and latest pattern and give an idea about the structure of questions that can be asked in the examination.
  • Develop a habit of reading: Reading from sources available to you is the best way to enhance subject matter expertise and learning new inclusions in the English language. Reading habit could make sure that you undergo new sentence formation structures and understand the grammar well. It helps strengthening your vocabulary as well, which gets tested in the examination. Regular reading habit also helps to find newer information and facts which could help the candidates in the General Awareness paper as well.
  • Keep track of the time: The time for solving the questions in the examination is limited. Candidates are advised to practice mock test as much as possible. Trying and moulding your preparation through applying various tricks, keeping a stopwatch by your side, setting alarm for each half an hour, allocating specific time to each of the section, can help the candidates to complete their paper on time in the actual examination.


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